June 18, 2021


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5 Best Private Server of Clash of Clans Game

Hello, I will be sharing 5 best private servers of the clash of clans game here. These are definitely the best ones and rank very high on my list. They let you play Clash of Clans without any restrictions or limitations. They give you unlimited resources like gems, gold, elixir, etc. So read more if you want a good alternative to Clash of Clans unleashing more power in the game. These servers are not provided by Supercell, the company which made the popular Clash of Clans game. For playing on these private servers, you don’t need a rooted phone or any such other thing.

Null’s Clash Private Server:

This server is provided by a third-party developer. It offers features like unlimited gold, elixir, dark elixir. You can also connect with other clans in this mod. Promotions like the elder, co-leader, the leader are also supported in this mod. Null’s Royale Private Server offers to play clan wars in which you can request troops, search for wars, but here the preparation day of clan wars does not work here. There’s a global chat option to chat with other players of the world. You will enjoy playing Null’s Clash private server. To download this mod, click on the below download link.

Clash of Lights Private Server:

Clash of Lights server is another good server to play Clash of Clans with unlimited resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. It is a mod which is similar to Clash of Clans game. It features four different servers which offer powerful features to the player. You can create, join other clans, but troop requirements and promotions are not available in this mod. But in this server, you can upgrade troops and buildings in no time using unlimited resources. To download this game, click on below download link.

Clash of Magic Private Server:

This Clash of Magic private server is another famous private server of the famous Clash of Clans game. It allows players to play with endless gaming and unlimited resources. As compared to the Null’s Clash private server and Clash of Lights private server, it does not allow players to play clan wars and troop requirements. But, it offers unlimited resources so that you can max out troops and buildings in this Clash of clans private server. To download Clash of Magic private server, click on the below download link.


Clash of Souls Private Server:

With this Clash of Souls private server, you get infinite resources like gold, gems, elixir, dark elixir with unlimited troops. It comes with the latest town hall 12 updates. In Clash of Souls private server, you can find a king of every troop and you can build a huge number of them in your base and all buildings as well. It also features Clash Royale’s troops also. Therefore, you get this extra feature with Clash of Souls private server. You are able to train troops of Clash Royale and also use them to attack other players. To download this game, click on the below download link.

MicroClash Private Server:

MicroClash private server is one another private server of Clash of Clans game where you can enjoy the Clash of Clans game with unlimited troops and resources. This server is totally different from other servers available on the Internet. While playing MicroClash, you can notice that that the background sound of the original Clash of Clans is replaced with different cool music. Also, the boat has been replaced by a submarine. In MicroClash, you have the option of training heroes as troops, and take thousands of troops to attack other players. To download MicroClash private server click on the below download link.

Conclusion and Final Words:
As you’ve read the post fully, and now eager to try all the above private servers, and enjoy the game. The list has been curated with utmost care and interests of different players around the world. This list contains the top list of Clash of Clans mod servers available on the Internet. So, do not worry and download your favorite server from the above download links and enjoy Clash of Clans with unlimited resources, powerful troops, and other powerful features. If you face any problem, please contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.