5 Careers in Physics

 Physics is a wide discipline that can enable one to branch into various careers in life. You do not have to feel as if you are tied to becoming...

 Physics is a wide discipline that can enable one to branch into various careers in life. You do not have to feel as if you are tied to becoming only a physicist. They investigate matter and areas such as gravity, force, inertia and many others. Physics teaches you a lot to do with atoms, nuclear physics, biomechanics, light, sound and electricity. You will therefore be spoilt for choice when looking for a career path to choose. It is estimated that 41% of the workforce in the world are degree holders in an area in Physics. This just goes to show its impact as well as marketability globally. Sometimes, you will find that Physics is pre-requisite in some schools in order for one to move to the next level. Not everyone can be brilliant in physics and not everyone has a passion in Physics. In such cases, dealing with the subject can be tedious and stressful for a student. If you are facing such kind of problems, you can always get help for your physics homework, assignments and classes.


  1. Education

You can choose to venture in education and become a teacher. It is one of the ways to keep the number of Physicists in the world at an increasing rate. Teachers of Physics are retiring every year and they will be a need for a younger workforce to replace them.

  1. Patent agent

You can also use your knowledge in physics and pursue a career that is more inclined in the law department. Since you are aware with the logistics of a new invention, you will be able to help any physicists who have upcoming projects and inventions on how to protect their work by patenting it. You can act as a guide on the whole application process as well as outline the conditions for any invention to qualify as patent-worthy.

  1. Meteorologist

It may not seem as an interesting career path at face view but it is really worth your time. Opportunities are in broadcasting, aviation and aerospace industries among others. You can use the knowledge you learnt in Physics to broadcast news bulletin in the weather department or advice aero planes, space ships and other transport industries that highly rely on the weather for travel. You will also be able to come up with causes of disasters such as hurricanes, tornados that are all related to climate change.

  1. Technical writer

Although writing generally requires a good command of a particular language depending on the needs of the target market, technical writing is a bit different as it involves coming up with a piece that will articulate the ideas of the physicists clearly for the common man. A technical writer acts as the bridge between the inventor and the one who is going to make use of it. Scientific phenomena are full of technical terms that will need to be toned down a bit without distorting the original message for easier understanding.


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