A Complete Guide for Meningioma Treatment in India

It is not only possible to avail the Meningioma Treatment in India, but you can avail the treatment that is painless, safe as well as effective in terms of...

It is not only possible to avail the Meningioma Treatment in India, but you can avail the treatment that is painless, safe as well as effective in terms of cost and results. 

One of the most common types of treatment procedure for meningioma is Craniotomy. It is 98% successful in India. However, there are specific conditions that determine if the patient can undergo surgery or not. 

Necessary Conditions to Undergo Meningioma Surgery:

To undergo meningioma surgery, the patient has to consult the neurologist. The first step of a neurologist is to initiate the treatment using the drugs and therapies like radiation therapy or chemotherapy. 

If there is no improvement in the condition of the patient, then the neurologist refers the patient to the neurosurgeon for the surgery. 

Before performing the surgery, the doctor puts the patient under prognosis. 

One of the necessary tests for meningioma is Imaging tests; it reveals overall images of the inside of the brain. Depending on the results, the patient is put into observation. 

If as per the observation, the meningioma is increasing rapidly and spreading to connecting parts, then the surgery becomes highly essential for the patient. 

The condition when the symptoms start to worsen the situation of the patient. 

Factors that Determine the Proceedings of the Surgery:

The treatment of meningioma depends on certain factors like 

  • The location of the tumour in the protective layer. The surgeons also look into aspects like, if the tumour is restricted to the outer layer or has penetrated inside the brain too.
  • The nature of the tumour. There is separate proceeding for benign or malignant treatment.
  • General Health of the patient.
  • The treatment handling capacity of the patient if they can withstand chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Treatment of Meningioma in India


The surgical procedure of the meningioma involves the incision made in the scalp. Then a piece of the bone is removed from the skull. It is essential to have access to a portion of the brain that is affected by the tumour.

The neurosurgeon then removes the partial or total tumour depending on the feasibility. Not all the cysts can be entirely eliminated, mainly when they affect the hazardous area of the brain. 

The doctors then close the incision after placing the bone at the original position. The remaining tumour cells are then killed using chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

The doctors in India make sure that proceeds with the treatment depending on the condition of the patient. So, the patients do not have to suffer from any complications after the surgery. 

Final Words:

The Treatment of Meningioma in India is highly successful and also available at an affordable cost. If you are unaware of the top doctors and hospitals delivering meningioma treatment with a high success rate, you can approach medical tourism companies in India. 

They are responsible for providing the necessary healthcare assistance to the International patients and making their treatment easy in India. If you require they can help you in fixing your appointment with top neurosurgeons of India, along with making other necessary arrangements.

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