What to Pack on Your Next Camping Trip near Atlanta – Minimum Packing Approach!

By now, you must be planning for a trip or a weekend getaway that involves camping near Atlanta. There is always a significant confusion regarding what to take and what to...

By now, you must be planning for a trip or a weekend getaway that involves camping near Atlanta. There is always a significant confusion regarding what to take and what to leave behind on a trip to the wild.

The concept of minimalist camping means to pack the bare necessities on your next camping trip and take with you what is needed. Minimalist camping may seem unnecessary. However, you’ll now find an incredible number of stuff available to shop if you go around the aisles of any campsite supply store. But here is the thing: the bulk of these things are entirely superfluous. Pare your items to the basics, and you’re not going to need to transport heavy loads. You should not need more than one little bag for a camping weekend trip.

Here is a list of the most important things that you need to take in your camping trip:

Take what’s necessary

Minimalist camping is all about walking up and replacing your ordinary comforts with the assets of a cottage man. You don’t need a big, expensive tent, and a barbecue to take along. A quick tarp or a hammock will allow you to have shelter for the night. Save the lighters and coordinating containers for campfires and instead carry a plain flint.

Instead of taking your regular electric supplies like a portable tea maker or a battery-based milkshake maker, try going “appliance-less” for the stay. Open-air cookery and hot beverages are far more delicious and delectable. The art of mastering cookery on an open flame is indeed an art. You can also cherish this memory of being wholly equipment-less and yet being able to pull it off.

Tone down on the outfits

While you are packing for your things, make sure that you are only taking along with you what’s needed. No matter how fancy or extravagantly you were brought up, for a minimalist themed camping trip, you have got to give up on those extra pairs of shoes and clothes.

Pack the basic hygiene necessities that you need and anti-allergies if you are prone to some reaction. Instead of packing a whole wardrobe for “just in case” purposes, go for the minimum i.e., one or two clothing items at max.

To make it easier, for a weekend trip, all you need to pack is an additional shirt, toothpaste, toothbrush, regular medicines, and don’t forget to pop in a deodorant in case you end up being a sweaty mess!

The famous one bag rule

To make the concept of minimalist packing more accessible, the simple one bag rule comes to place. It merely means that each person is allowed to carry one bag with all the items that they need for the trip.

The bag must comprise of clothes and toiletry needs as well as the underwear. Before you leave, try picking the bag and carry it for at least 5 minutes. If it becomes difficult to hold on to that weight after 5 minutes, you need to drop out a few things.

Consider the type of bag that you are carrying with you. Camping trips require special gear, including the manageable bags that are made, keeping in consideration the comfort of a person.

Manage Cooking Utensils

After considering the necessities and personal use things, it’s time to find how you would be cooking in such a scenario. Being a caveman does not necessarily mean that you gain confidence in eating raw meat – however, for berries, it’s completely okay to eat them raw! (Just saying)

Bring basic items when it is a matter of cooking equipment: a camp stove, gas, a couple of pots, pans, several tongs, an aluminum foil for the foil-wrapping dinners for each member of your team. You can always cook over an open fire as an immediate solution to the camp stove.

Leave Luxury Behind

When we are talking about minimalist packing, it means to opt away from anything that is considered as a “luxury” or comfort item. Just leave anything that performs as a luxurious item behind. The aim of camping is not to take such things as big stoves and heaters. You may be intending to lease an RV or a trailer that would allow you to stay in bed if you don’t want to have a cold night. But that’s certainly not how it works. Camping near Atlanta means that you will have plenty of comfortable outdoor zones to spend the night in. 

Why go, minimalistic?

 When you put all that you want to use in your bags, you’ll regret it when you have to carry the immense load across the mountains. Furthermore, you will be getting a headache to try to find everything when you come to your destination. The way to go for a camping weekend is to travel loosely and with organizers.



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