Common Childproof Packaging Challenges and Potential Solutions

Lately, the cannabis sector has experienced unparalleled demand not just from law enforcers but also from the consumer community. Childproof compliance has been a key consideration since it is argued that packaging can either encourage or discourage cannabis usage. But still, this does not mean that childproof packaging has been a complete success. It faces a few common challenges that need to be addressed with urgency. Luckily, a majority of them have potential solutions. 

To keep you on the loop, here are the common ones:

  • An Ever-Demanding Consumer Community

It is generally hard to keep up with the demands of the cannabis consumer community. They want more from the cannabis manufacturer in terms of packaging and unless they are listened to, this could be bad news for the product seller. 

 Solution: Childproof companies need to take into consideration the complaints and suggestions forwarded by consumers concerning product packaging. This is how they can meet their growing demands. 

  • Sustainability Demands

Childproof packaging companies are expected to go for recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. Unfortunately, not many are compliant since they are over-reliant on cheaper options like plastic.

Solution: Packaging manufacturers and suppliers need to consider other options other than plastic. They should try options that allow multiuse and reuse, for example, glass containers. In such a case, consumers will not have an excuse to dispose of the product packaging after use. 

Childproof Packaging

  • Shelf Competition

Unlike grocery stores, cannabis dispensaries do not have ample spaces to showcase their products. They have to fight for limited shelf space and this is never easy. 

Solution: For childproof packaging to stand out, designers need to use smart branding techniques. The containers need to catch the eye of a distant customer. 

  • Getting Reliable Packaging  Supplies

Cannabis companies do not find it easy to identify a packaging supplying partner who can consistently and promptly supply them with the packaging supplies. 

Solution: Cannabis companies need to find suppliers with local chains. This ensures that there are fewer links in the supply chains and less time is involved. In this case, there will not be delays. Communication and follow-ups are also easy when the supply chain is all local. 

  • Labeling Challenges

Since most cannabis companies prioritize branding, they give little attention to detailed product labeling. They want the customer to be aware of their product but they do not invest adequately in the content details. 

Solution: The packaging should allow enough spacing for product labeling. Additionally, the text used to describe the product content needs to be bold and visible. 

  • Changing Childproof Packaging Laws

Every state has its laws on childproof packaging. The legislations can easily get you confused unless you do personal research. Even worse, childproof packaging laws are constantly changing.

Solution: Packaging designers and manufacturers need to stay updated on the latest changes in childproof packaging. If possible, they should consult attorneys to advise them on the latest legal developments.

Childproof packaging has come a long way and the trends are very impressive considering how effective they are in discouraging underage cannabis usage. The cannabis companies just need to be wary of the existing challenges and find better ways to solve them. 

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