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Everyone has his own taste when it comes to food and usually a person’s taste depends upon his ethnicity and community in which he has been brought up. Although one can try various other ethnic cuisines for a change, the possibility is that he would fall back on his own ethnic cuisine.

So if one is looking to try Indian food for a change or he is an Indian, currently residing in a foreign country, looking to satisfy his craving for some good old Indian food, good news! The chances are that he has a restaurant serving Indian food nearby such as Boston ma Indian restaurants.

What makes up Indian Cuisine?

India is a nation of diverse cultures so it makes sense that Indian cuisine is diverse in nature too. The different cultures, climate, occupations, soil type, availability of vegetables, fruits, spices and religious belief of the locals, all mix to create a cuisine so rich and diverse that one needs to classify it into several categories, based its region of consumption.

Irrespective of the region, there are some homogenous features of Indian cuisine

  • Indian cuisine relies heavily on spices such as red chilly powder, garlic, onion, black pepper, saffron, coriander, cumin, etc.
  • Another common practice among different Indian cuisines is that most of the Indian dishes are curry based (ie, have the ingredients submerged in a thick gravy).
  • Rice and ‘roti’ are a staple of Indian cuisine and are eaten along with different dishes and the chances are the restaurants like ma Indian restaurants offer several varieties of roti and rice.
  • Indian seldom eat by using culinary utensils most of us use Rotis or rise to eat a morsel of curry or eat by our using our hands

North Indian Cuisine

North Indian cuisine is a mix of Awadhi Cuisine, Bihari Cuisine, Bhojpuri Cuisine, Himachali cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine, etc, Basically, each state in North India has its own cuisine. The main highlight of North Indian cuisine is –

Awadhi cuisine: Chicken and mutton biryani, Nahari-chulchas and kebabs with rumali, sheermal or tawa roti.

Punjabi cuisine : Chiken-Tikka, Lassi, Tandoori Roti, Sarso ka saag.

Rajasthani cuisine: Bikaner bhujia, pyaaj kachori, Mirch vada, Imrati, Ghevar

Kashmiri cuisine: Kashmiri chai, Rogan Josh, Wazzeh pulav. Kashmiri cuisine employs the use of one of the most expensive spices in the world – Saffron.

North Indian cuisine is the most popular Indian cuisine outside India, serve in the restaurants like Boston ma Indian restaurants, worldwide.

Boston ma Indian restaurants

Boston ma Indian restaurants

North-East Asian cuisine

This cuisine is the staple of north-east states such as Assam, Bengal, Meghalaya, Mizoram, etc. North-East Asian cuisine relies heavily on fish and other meats. The highlights of this cuisine include – Deep fried fish, chutney, shukto among others.

South Indian Cuisine

This cuisine is formed by a mix of ethnic food from the states of Andra radish, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. The highlights of this cuisine include – Dosa (paneer, piyaaj, masala), Idli, Vada, Rasam, Chaaru (chutney).

It is the second most popular cuisine outside and inside India, thus chances are that one can order a south Indian dish from the nearby restaurant such as ma Indian restaurants, even outside India.

Indian food is as rich in diversity as it’s culture, there is something for everyone, so go ahead try a different Indian dish.

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