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The world of dating has gradually switched to blockchain, and now no one gets surprised when hears that you can pay for the services provided on a dating site...
The world of dating has gradually switched to blockchain, and now no one gets surprised when hears that you can pay for the services provided on a dating site using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It is the year 2019, and you should sometimes implement the craziest technologies into one another and create seemingly impossible combinations to move with the time. The sphere of love also doesn’t stand aside and has welcomingly invited bitcoin into the world of online dating. Here is the list of a few dating platforms where you can spend your cryptocurrency on a chance to meet your soulmate.
·      Just Dating Site
Encrypto Telecom is developing a blockchain solution that will allow users of the Lithuanian dating service Just Dating Site to conduct anonymous correspondence. Encrypto Telecom offers telecommunication services based on innovative cloud-based PBX technology.
“Now JDS will receive a high-quality, safe, and convenient service for its customers with the ability to make calls and secure correspondence within the service, and the EncryptoTel platform will gain new users,” the company said in an official statement.
For all premium communication services, JDS users will be able to pay with tokens of both projects, as well as other cryptocurrencies. Besides, on August 15, the Just Dating Site plans to conduct an ICO, within which it will put up for sale one million Just Dating Coins. The service plans to raise to $3 million, due to which the functionality of the site will be expanded, and the number of premium functions will be increased. The price of 1 JDC per day of the crowdsale will be 0.001 BTC.
It is worth noting that EncryptoTel is developing a secure telecommunications network system with encrypted VoIP services for business and private customers.

This site works similarly to Tinder strategies and is the second most popular dating site in the world. While the giant occupying the first place in the niche did not announce implementing blockchain into its algorithms, Badoo has been processing different world-currencies and officially dealing with bitcoin since the year 2015.


This startup was created with an aim to raise trust towards the Bitcoin industry and show how easily it can be implemented into dating. The basic principle that Hicky uses is a complicated verification process. While almost half of the users have confessed to having lied about themselves at least once in an online conversation on a dating site, this platform promises to prevent its users from even white lies. It was always quite impossible to check when the interlocutor is lying and is his online identity even close to what he is in real life. But with Hicky it is easier as it imposes a really hard-to-deceive verification program that includes even measuring the voice and face compliance. And what is the most entertaining about this new technology is that it accepts bitcoins and awards users with cryptocurrency for good behavior. It stimulates its users to be better people.


This is another platform created to make the life of wealthy people who have cryptocurrency less affected by the risk of a dating scam. Its main advantage is the super improved matching process designed to give you the closest match possible. When the program receives your perfect candidate for a soul mate, you get notified and can agree to meet in real life. If the date took place, both of you receive tokens that you can later use on the site or convert into any other cryptocurrency.

Here, the bitcoins and their use exist simultaneously with the regular money. The site can boast of more than 36 million active users who have already tried the option of paying with cryptocurrency, although this feature was added only back in 2013. Among the additional services, you receive a special set of features, for example, the ability to remain anonymous. It is a great example of how popular sites do not stand back when it comes to implementing new technologies into their tried and true way of matching and helping people find their love.
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