April 10, 2021


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How to Fix Error Code: i2501 on FFXIV

error code: i2501

error code: i2501

Instructions to Fix Error Code: i2501 on FFXIV

Game darlings all throughout the planet have raved about the Final Fantasy XIV game bragging a wide userbase. What do you do when confronted with the mistake code i2501 at the stature of your fervor?

Specialized mistakes put down exercises paying little heed to which calling you have a place with. Having affirmed data about what to do when they happen is proactive and helpful to all.

On account of the Final Fantasy XIV game, the mistake code i2501 is inclined to spring up when preparing installments to the distributer.

To clear blunder code i2501 on FFXIV, impair or move the area of your VPN, clear your treats and store, eliminate the Ad-blocker and utilize your program in disguise mode.

Fixing mistake code i2501 on FFXIV

Mood killer Proxy or VPN

error code: i2501

A VPN or Proxy is utilized to add layers of capacity, security, and protection to your association. Notwithstanding, they are dismissed by some specialist organizations like financial establishments.

For reasons of straightforwardness, banking administrations will require access through a public area. Seeing the mistake code i2501 could imply that you are being blocked thus you should kill your private association with access your record to handle the FFXIV installments.

To kill your intermediary, go to the “Start” menu and discover settings. At that point continue on to Network and Internet and further into the web alternatives.

Here you will discover the “associations” tab from which you will at that point discover LAN settings. The container corresponding to the choice to “Utilize a Proxy worker for your LAN” ought to be unchecked and changes applied.

For VPN, press the keys Ctrl+Shift+Esc through and through to open the undertaking director. Discover the cycles segment and from the passages, select every one of those related with your VPN and snap “End Task” for every last one of them.

Mood killer Ad Blockers

While they don’t straightforwardly meddle with the cycles engaged with installment stages, it has been noted by numerous well informed people that eliminating Ad blockers and reviving your framework could help you settle the mistake i2501.

Promotion blockers forestall the foundation of a legitimate association by shutting out certain parts of the worker association.

To do this crippling, track down the “three-speck” symbol on your program’s upper right corner and select More Tools from the menu.

Go to “Augmentations” and snap on it. At that point find AdBlock from the rundown introduced and click on the catch named “switch” to impair.

Eliminate program reserve and treats

When a lot of information on search history and library passages have been put away in your application, it will make it glitch.

This abundance information is incredible for speedy admittance to frequented locales yet it is likewise inclined to defilement. To clear your framework from this things, click the ctrl+H keys without a moment’s delay to open the Browser history.

The from the left sheet, click on Clear perusing History. At that point set the time reach to “Untouched” and affirm that the containers close to “Perusing history”, “stored pictures and records” just as “treats and other site information” have all been checked.

At long last, click on “Clear information” to delete all information and resolve blunder i2501.

Attempt Firefox Incognito Mode

Perhaps you were making the installment through the Google Chrome program. If so, have a go at changing to the Firefox program which is additionally viable with the FFXIV game to check whether the issue wins.

On the off chance that it keeps showing a blunder, take a stab at dispatching Firefox in undercover mode and attempt the installment stage once more.

As indicated by numerous supporters, this arrangement works right away and you can return to your gaming a lot quicker.

Utilize a Smartphone to deal with installment

Making installment through the Square Enix site is simpler done on a PC or PC. Moving it to your telephone might be somewhat tricky however the outcome is typically certain.

Many game players have affirmed that trying the installment through their cell phone has demonstrated to be effective.

Hang tight for a day

You may have attempted every one of the potential ideas given here on the most proficient method to free your arrangement of the i2501 blunder code on the Fantasy game.

Numerous preliminaries will have you impeded by the framework and you won’t make any installment online for the following 24 hours.

Assuming that is the situation, you may report the circumstance to the specialized help group and afterward bid your time for at any rate 24 hours prior to attempting to stack your record once more.

Contact Customer Support

In spite of the fact that it might require some investment for the specialized group to hit you up, calling them and enumerating the issues you are confronting will assist them with speeding up work on your association.

The group of specialists is equipped for investigating your framework arrangement and recognize the particular square to your exchange. Inside a brief time, you ought to have your installments effectively done through Square Enix.


Making installments online requires secure and straightforward associations. Thus, if your association is taken cover behind a private organization and is stacked with old or defiled information, you should change the settings and clear the store.

These are the solitary arrangements towards fixing mistake 12501 on the Final Fantasy XIV game.


Would i be able to get Final Fantasy XIV for Free?

Indeed, up to level 35. Notwithstanding, you probably bought in to the channel as of now and afterward get on the preliminary form to test it out for quite a while.

Square Enix Servers don’t work in my locale. What to do?

In the event that your VPN is empowered, change it to another locale and attempt the exchange once more. On the other hand, utilize an outsider stage like Steam Pay administrations to make the payment