How to Allocate More Ram to Minecraft

This commonly occurs when you do not have enough memory allocated to your game. Sufficient memory allocation is especially important when it comes to modded gameplay due to the...

This commonly occurs when you do not have enough memory allocated to your game. Sufficient memory allocation is especially important when it comes to modded gameplay due to the resource demand they require.

Fortunately, most launchers only require a few steps to adjust this. So long as you have the memory space available on the computer you are using to play, you should be good to go once you’ve made the adjustment.

For modded gameplay, a minimum of 4GB/4096MB is recommended.
More recent versions of Minecraft may demand a bit more, so you might consider 6GB if you’re trying a 1.13+ pack.

Vanilla gameplay, or gameplay with plugins, generally does not require more than 2GB of memory allocated to your client.

Please Note Before Start the Process of How to Allocate More Ram to Minecraft

CubedHost is not directly affiliated with any of these launchers in any way. This guide is here only to help you enjoy Minecraft and connect to your server.

Launchers can change at any time. We will do our best to keep this guide updated but please note that some directions may vary over time pending changes to the launchers. If you ever need help, please reach out to our team!

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So how do I allocate more memory to my launcher?

We’ve included directions for several launchers below and we’ll continue to add new launchers upon request, so feel free to reach out to us if you get stuck or have concerns with any steps you see here.

Minecraft Launcher (Default/Vanilla) for Allocate More Ram to Minecraft

  1. Open your Minecraft client (Java version).
  2. Select the Installations tab towards the top of the launcher.
  3. Hover over your desired profile/Minecraft version, then select the button with the three dots on the right.
  4. Select Edit from the drop-down menu. A modal will appear and More Options will be available in the bottom-left. Select this.
  5. In the “JVM arguments” field, change -Xmx1G  to -Xmx#G , replace # with the amount of RAM you’d like to allocate to Minecraft in GB (do not modify any other text).
  6. Select the green Save button and you’re done!

ATLauncher for Allocate More Ram to Minecraft

Open your ATLauncher, select the Settings tab from the right-side menu pane, then select the Java/Minecraft tab from the top navigation bar.

You should now see drop-down menus available regarding memory.
Adjust the Maximum Memory/RAM drop-down selection to your desired memory amount (remember that at least 4096 MB is recommended).

Don’t forget to select the Save  button once you’re done!

Twitch Launcher (Curse/FTB Modpacks)

To adjust this setting in the Twitch Launcher, access your settings by selecting the small down arrow in the top-right, then select the Settings  option with the gear icon.
Next, select the Minecraft tab on the Settings page and locate the Allocated Memory slider under Java Settings. Adjust the slider to your desired memory amount (remember we recommend at least 4096MB).

Technic Launcher

Open your Technic Launcher, select the Launcher Settings using the little gear found in the top-right, then select the Java Settings  tab from the navigation bar in the Java Settings window.

You should now see a drop-down menu available to adjust Memory.
Adjust this to your desired memory amount (remember that at least 4GB is recommended).

Your changes are saved automatically, so feel free to close the Launcher Options window and get to mining!

If you’re only able to allocate a maximum of 1GB of memory, that most likely means that the 32bit version of Java is installed on your system which limits the maximum amount of memory that can be allocated. To fix this, all you need to do is uninstall Java and install Java 8 64bit onto your system, then restart your computer.

Legacy FeedTheBeast (FTB) Launcher

Select Options, then move the RAM Maximum (MB)  slider around to your desired memory amount (remember, we suggest at least 4096MB).

Void Launcher

Select the gear in the top-right corner, change the Max:  under the Minecraft: Options  to increase the amount of RAM (remember, we suggest at least 4096MB).

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Minecraft: Story Mode Description

Minecraft: Story Mode is a completely different game than Minecraft itself. Minecraft itself is a very creative action adventure game, while the story version is an AVG game, the difference between them, not enough for the outsider also. However, it inherits the style of Minecraft and a considerable amount of its elements. For Minecraft players, it is still worth a try. Let’s take a look at the details of the Minecraft story mode evaluation.

The story background is the same as many fairy tales: A long long time ago, there was an evil dragon, and four warriors united to overcome the difficulties and finally defeated it to become a legend. Jesse and his companions admire the legendary warriors and look forward to some day of that glory. But they are just ordinary people living in an ordinary town. The most challenging thing they can do right now is simply to team up for the town’s construction competition.

The content of the construction contest is a group of four people, using a variety of boxes to build the best possible thing. The content of the game sounds simple, but they probably do not do it well either. Compared with other participating teams, Jesse’s team looks very unreliable, because they are not a 4-person group, but 3 plus a pig. Not surprisingly, the construction competition ended in the failure of the Jesse team, but they were so intrigued by a conspiracy that the story unfolds.

The atmosphere in the first chapter is very interesting as a whole, thanks to a large number of interesting bridges. One of the things that impresses me most is a question about chicks and zombies. Mawei little girl very serious like asking others to ask such a question: “a hundred chickens so big zombie and ten zombie so big chickens, you prefer which one as an opponent?” One is called Lu Kas’s companion also gave a very interesting answer: “Of course, willing to ten zombies so big chickens, because I am hungry now.”

Like Telltale’s other games, there are plenty of places in the game that require players to make choices. Some key choices will affect the direction of the plot. For example, when conflicts arise between partners, who to choose to help, when two friends have the danger to choose who to save, there are different ways to choose which way to go.

In the meantime, there are some unimportant, but very interesting options for this book. For example, in the beginning of the game to participate in architectural competition, let the player choose a team name. This choice does not affect the development of the plot, but the name of this play will continue to be used in later adventures. I was free to choose a name that sounds interesting, “Piggy League,” and did not expect that after the game, Jesse and her little friends formed an adventurous squad still calling themselves the “Piggy League.” Whenever they say something serious, “Sure no problem, we are piggy league!” And the like, they always make me laugh.

The most interesting part of the story in the first chapter is the Boss setting. In Minecraft, Dying is a destructive Boss, and if you do not get it ready, it’s very likely to be instantly spike. Interestingly enough, however, this creature can be made using the soul sand and the skull itself. The first chapter of Minecraft: Story Mode is based on the search for skulls, and finally found that the cruel villain is really making use of soul sand and skulls to create dying. When the withering appeared, the prosperous town blinked in the blink of an eye, and some of Jesse’s friends were also missing in confusion. The story of the first chapter was also culminated here.

It is noteworthy that the first chapter of “Minecraft: Story Mode” clearance time is only about 90 minutes. This also makes this as a portrait of the characters in the weaker. Maui little girl Olivia and green silly big Axel as the beginning of the two partners should be more important role, but in the first chapter they have very few scenes, the image is not even as sharp as the little pig. At the end of the first chapter, the two of them disagreed, but I did not know who I should support – no one left me a deep impression.

Minecraft: Story Mode is basically the same as Telltale’s other interactive movie games. Most of the time players only need to stare at the screen to see the plot, occasionally start to make a choice, action scenes and then look.

The game offers many scenes to control the free exploration of the protagonist, some of the scenes are also very sexy. For example, in the dark alone looking for a pig, you can shout the pig’s name while searching for clues. However, it’s important to point out that there are just too few parts to explore entirely by the player, often a minute or two.

The first chapter of the puzzle element can be said to have been simple to the point of dispensability. The game has a search for the secret entrance of the puzzle, according to the normal puzzle game ideas, we should first look for clues, and then conduct a comprehensive analysis, and finally manipulated somehow a certain organ. However, the reality is: you only need to talk to one of the little friends, and then the story automatically s the puzzle.

Some quite “Minecraft” features have been incorporated into this game. For example, many items need to use their own material in the synthesis of Jiugongge, battle scenes in the amount of blood is also used to represent the player. However, these settings just to meet the game style, and did not substantially affect the gameplay. Synthetic objects just need plot, material is provided directly from the plot. Fighting blood does not need too much attention, because after each battle the blood will automatically back to full.

The first chapter of Minecraft: Story Mode basically kept Telltale’s normal story telling. Interesting bridges, cartoon-like images and simple story logic make the game an everyday product. However, due to the process is too short, the shape of some key figures seem very weak. Almost no difficulty and puzzle content may also disappoint players who like to challenge. Everything is hard at first, but I hope these problems can be improved in later chapters.

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