How to Build a Successful Career in Singapore? Tips for the millennials

Singapore has always been the most desired destination for the millennials to settle down for a prospective career in the country. Right from manufacturing to construction, from IT to...

Singapore has always been the most desired destination for the millennials to settle down for a prospective career in the country. Right from manufacturing to construction, from IT to accounts, from services to business, Singapore has a plethora of opportunities to provide to the millennials or our Gen Y population. But, it has been reported by a survey that the Fresh graduates find it difficult to get full-time jobs in Singapore. The survey was undertaken by the three popular institutes of the country: Singapore Management University (SMU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Why is this so? Experts say that along with the right set of skills and qualifications, millennials need to follow a strategic approach to build a successful career in Singapore

Some interesting facts about the job market for millennials in Singapore

It is seen in the last few years that Singapore is not being able to provide 100% employment to the youths, in spite of having the demand. Only about 80% gets permanent employment, while the rest are without employment or engaged in some odd jobs. The unemployment rate of local residents is about 3-4% every year. In fact, in the last decade, employment growth slowed down for the young generation. Locals are of the opinion that the emergence of technology and automation has reduced the demand for manpower in some job roles. Many jobs are also outsourced to reduce costs.

But, all these factors should not deepen down the dreams of the millennials to build a prospective career in Singapore.

How to build a successful career in Singapore?


Opt for internship programs during your college life. You can complete one or two internships during your summer or winter breaks. This gives you an opportunity to gain relevant job experience and also gives you a chance to get in touch with senior professionals. Doing an internship during your college life helps you to get an idea of working in an office environment. It also helps you to reflect on the type of worker you are at present and what you want to be. Completing an internship also gives an added advantage to your CV to expect a good career in Singapore.

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Opt for freelancing opportunities during the course of your education. Maybe you can work on the weekends or spend some extra time on weekdays after college hours. This is another way for millennials to show their experience in jobs, which they can mention in the CV. You can do freelancing jobs as per your skill. Doing a part-time or freelancing job also helps you to earn some extra money. 


For a bright career in Singapore, millennials can work in a sales profile for a few months, until the time they get a permanent job. Working in sales actually helps to build your confidence in dealing with unknown people. It can help improve your communications and interpersonal skills. Besides that, sales jobs also help you to handle stress, handle pressure, helps you to make decisions, and you can improve yourself as a person. All these actually help you to put forth your front foot in your career in Singapore. 

Develop new skills

To get better jobs, it is necessary to learn new technology and new skills, which you may not have learned during the course of your study. Take a gap after the completion of your education. Use this time to learn a new skill like as design, coding or any other skill that is of interest to you. You never know when your interest and passion make way for a good career in Singapore.

Be ready to take risks

You are in that young age group when there is no harm in taking risks. Be ready to try something outside your comfort zone as you do not have to be worried about failures at this stage. Take some risks with your career. A fulfilling career in Singapore is possible only when you explore all options available, your interest, your role in the job instead of relying only on the salary package.

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