Should Parents Teach Their Teenage Children To Drink Moderate Wines?

Parents serve as the fundamental foundation of the family that molds every child. They teach them how to walk, swim, ride a bicycle, cook, and how to become a...

Parents serve as the fundamental foundation of the family that molds every child. They teach them how to walk, swim, ride a bicycle, cook, and how to become a good role model for everyone. Every parent exerts their effort in making sure that they mold their children to the best of their ability. All these things do a good parenting job, but should they also teach their teen children to drink alcoholic beverages like wine at home?

Some parents would usually deviate their children from drinking alcoholic beverages in their teenage stage. They believed that it’s not healthy for them and it’s illegal. It is also one way of opening the children to a more cruel world in which they might abuse the consumption of alcoholic beverages, which may lead to a bigger problem.

Some let their children sip a glass of non-vintage wines wines as long as they do it in moderation. They believed that it’s one way of disciplining the children in drinking alcoholic beverages properly. They let them drink wine or beer moderately at home. It’s because it can give out several health benefits which are needed by an individual at a young age to avoid fatal diseases.

In this kind of argument, a lot of parents are asking themselves if it’s right to let their teenagers drink wine in moderation. The United States government had started conducting a survey where they track the behavior of every teenage child who moderately drinks wine at their young age with the permission of their parents.

The survey was conducted using 700,000 participants who are middle-schoolers. Around 6% of this is children aged 12-14 years old. The 16% of respondents are those who came from with the permission of their guardian or parents. 45% are respondents from teenage children who drink modest wines at home. It is the statistical data released by SAMHSA or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

According to the agency who conducted the survey, they did this not to measure the capability of the children to drink wine at home or with parental consent. They designed this kind of study to measure the awareness of each parent regarding their take if they should let their teenage child drink wines at home.

By the time the results were generated, many parents still denied their permission to teach their children in drinking wines. They may agree that wine labels come with numerous health advantages, but it is still not right away to help them sip a glass of it when they are still young. If they teach their children, they will get more alcoholic by the time they reach the age of 21.

Some parents agree with the survey and wants to implement teaching their children to drink wine at home. Drinking is inevitable to all humans, regardless of age. Once parents see that their children are taught at home at a young age on how to drink responsibly, they tend to drink behave when they go out in clubs or attending a party.

The United States is composed of 50 States, and the qualification with regards to the legal age of drinking is 21. Out of these 50 States, 31 of them has a law that allows minors to drink beverages such as wines. Some of these states only allow a minor to drink wine if accompanied by parents or with parental consent, which may take place at home.

Parents play a significant role in letting their teenage children drinking moderate wine labels. They should serve as the perfect guide to instruct their children what they need to drink, the time they should drink, or even not drink at all. Parents should serve as the gatekeeper in making sure that if they allow their children to drink at home, they will not end up as an alcoholic.

The harmful effects of excessive alcohol drinking proved a long time ago. Many fatal diseases were recorded due to alcohol consumption may it come as wine, beer, etc. Indeed, if parents allow their teenage children to drink at home, make sure that they are adequately guided and consume what’s necessary to avoid any worst results.

The awareness that every parent should give to their teenage children when asking permission to drink alcohol should be massive. Some medical experts also believed that if a child drinks alcohol at a young age, they might undergo intoxication or obtain several side effects which can ruin their full ability to live efficiently.

It is essential that as a parent, you need to act superiors for your child. Letting them not to drink or consume wines at a young age is your sole decision. Always make sure to give out your full guidance to them because teenage children are on their crucial period. They mostly asked questions regarding what’s happening in the real world, and their overall behavior reflects the kind of parent and guidance you give to them.

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