Right and Expanding Educational Foundation for a Child

Educational Foundation for a Child

Preschool is the first learning stage that acts as a foundation for all future learning and makes children meet with more complex school education and its trials ahead. Children, particularly in the age range of 2-4, have remarkably high rates of retaining good memory and better learning levels. From alphabets to increasing social skills, preschools are devoted to placing the right foundation for teaching and learning for your child. Preschools have the accountability of constructing a positive environment where the teachers place a child’s development in the correct direction by working on their social behaviour, motor skills, language growth and emotional improvement. With a good preschool program, you get your child ready with confidence and learning capabilities that excel into augmented academic accomplishments in the future. Find for the top preschools certainly help you in this practice.

The school facilitates brightened surroundings for children as well as provides them stimulants for learning. Every area is engrossed in play which comes obviously to children. They are in this manner engaged and approachable to learning. Few well-equipped preschools have below features:

  • Healthy teacher-child proportion in classrooms is maintained to ensure that every child obtains care and attention.
  • CCTV for round-the-clock observation is made available so that children, as well as the programs, are administered.
  • Play area and equipment for the development of essential areas are incorporated with open green spaces to interconnect with nature.
  • The outdoor play equipment consists of balance beams, swings, sandpit, bike track, slides, climbers, tree house and a splash pool that challenge as well as support children’s efforts to discover and develop their skills and an auditorium to display their potential and talent.
  • The indoor play in the best preschool in Gurgaon contains a large soft play area and a children’s fitness exercise room to help problem-solving and gross-motor skills growth and offers the opportunity for experimental play. The children’s fitness gym goals to familiarize children to movement and body consciousness at a young age so that they start their early steps in the direction of health and physical fitness.
  • Freshly prepared healthy meals bearing in mind the nutritional needs of the children are made certain. Fresh, healthy and balanced food is cooked in the school kitchen under the counsel of eligible in house nutritionist.
  • Safety gates for children, 24×7 safety and swipe card access are maintained ensuring children’s safety and security every time.
  • Provision of medical Room for proper first-aid facility and tie-up with a renowned hospital in case of emergencies is an essential part.
  • Provision of learning platform enabling tablet usage in the classroom comprising of curriculum associated applications and educational videos for the acceleration of learning.
  • A better own transport system is a must for any school. The vehicles are air-conditioned and a particularly trained attendant with basic first aid knowledge with mobile phone accompanies the children in the school vehicle which are a well-equipped fire extinguisher.

There are few specialized activity areas in Preschool in sector 48 Gurgaon to provide higher-end education and extracurricular activities.

  • Block and Construction Area
  • Creative Area
  • Music, Dance and Story Area
  • Home and Imagination Area
  • Soft Play Area
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