The Significance and specialty of Gourmet Indian Food

Love having Indian Food? Well, no one can run away from the taste that Indian food offers, as the excellent blend of spices along with the aroma of the...

Love having Indian Food? Well, no one can run away from the taste that Indian food offers, as the excellent blend of spices along with the aroma of the fresh herbs is something that would drive one totally crazy. In order to seek to another level of trying some of the best Indian dishes, do get in touch with the gourmet ones. The special fact that the Gourmet Indian food is that it is made with the finest quality of ingredients and the taste is totally different as well owing to the fact that the cooking procedure is totally different. While seeking to enjoy such a meal, the courses are available as well and divided into the very fashionable segments of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thus, let’s have a look at some of the best gourmet Indian meals that must be consumed at an Indian restaurant.

  • Breakfast:

The Indian breakfast range is usually widespread and some of the best breakfast dishes that must be explored include being:

  • Paratha, which is made of wheat flour with a stuffing of potato, onions and some spices. This dish is also available in the non-vegetarian option as well with meat instead of potato.
  • Masala dosa, which is a south Indian crepe dish that has stuffings of potato inside. This is usually served with a coconut dipping sauce.
  • Chole Bhature, which is flour dough fried in oil and then severed with chickpea curry. This is somewhat spicy.
  • Lunch:

For lunch, the option for having both vegetarian and non-vegetarian is there for all and some of the exquisite ones are as follows:

  • For vegetarians, there is rice, dal or lentil soup, curries and plenty of vegetable options available. The spice level can be moderated according to the taste and thus, it is very much refined and tastes totally authentic.
  • For the non-vegetarian option, there are chicken, fish and mutton dishes and some of the most common ones happen to be the chicken tikka masala, mutton curry, fish fry, etc. The flavours are delicate enough and the meat is tender as well. All of these dishes are slow-cooked so that the spices sip into the meats.
  • Dinner:

For Dinner, everything is kept minimalistic and usually ends with a dessert. Some of the most favourite combinations include being:

  • Chapatti or flatbread with some curry.
  • Naan that is served with curry, both vegetarian and nonvegetarian ones.
  • Some light fluffy rice served with some vegetables and lentil soup.
  • For dessert, some of the common ones are rasgulla, Gulab jamun, Kheer and other delicacies.

Ordering Indian food online:

For lots of situations, Order Indian food is an option that can be done online as well. This gives the chance to enjoy the authentic restaurant flavours anytime and anywhere. The flavours stay the same and there is complete compatibility of the food being delivered in time as well. Thus, get your Indian food ordered today!

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