Top Digital Marketing Certifications to Take Your Career Places!

In one of our earlier blogs, we discussed some of the Digital Marketing courses that would help you to achieve digital success in times to come. On similar lines,...

In one of our earlier blogs, we discussed some of the Digital Marketing courses that would help you to achieve digital success in times to come. On similar lines, over here, we will be taking a tour of some of the leading and recommended Digital Marketing certifications that would take your career places! 

So, let’s get on with the list of some of the best digital marketing certifications 2020. Let’s begin with Google Ads certification.

Google Ads certification

Google Ads certification

As per resources, here is one of the popular certifications which have as many as 18,420 monthly searches! Google’s increasing popularity has resulted in a rise in demand for Google Ads qualifications. According to stats, nearly 65% of individuals happen to click on Google ads while searching for a product to buy online. No wonder Google Ads has turned out to be effective for those organizations that are trying to boost their return on investment from Digital Marketing.

Google AdWords certification is known to be a professional certificate for all those who wish to demonstrate their knowledge of Google Ads. With regards to the structure of this certification, one needs to clear two exams namely the fundamental and the one that is dedicated to a particular area (mobile, advertising, video, search, etc.). 

This certification is valid for a duration of one year.

YouTube certification

YouTube certification

Before proceeding to the certification, a couple of stats for you. As high as 80% of the marketers out there make use of visual content as a part of their social media marketing strategy. YouTube which is a leading video sharing platform, is the second-largest search engine behind Google. That says it all.

Therefore, a YouTube certification would definitely give your profile credibility. 

Certification tutorials provide industry-oriented knowledge along with the latest best practices associated with YouTube. One can opt from three distinct courses i.e. content ownership, channel growth, and asset monetization. The purpose of this free certification is to educate both the creators and users on this very platform. Post-meeting the eligibility requirements, one can proceed and complete this program.       

Undergoing a quality Digital Marketing course from Digital Trainee Digital Marketing Courses in Pune in the market along with a YouTube certification would make your resume stand out in the job market. So, do think about it. 

Google Ads certification

Google Analytics Certification

It won’t be wrong to say that Google Analytics is amongst the top tools that marketers across the world deploy, so as to measure the growth of traffic a website gets. The best part about it being, the beginners find it easy to use, while the advanced users would find it powerful. In these times, Google Analytics has transformed into an essential free tool for marketers.

One needs to appear for the Google Analytics exam in order to become Google Analytics certified. This certification would make an individual proficient in using Google Analytics. Although you need not have a hands-on experience of using Google Analytics, Google recommends it. Those interested can study and appear for the exam for free. 

In case one does not clear the exam, he/she can appear again inside seven days.

Social Marketing Certification

Social Marketing Certification from Hootsuite

Hootsuite which is a famous social media management platform is known to provide a variety of social media marketing training right from basic courses to the advanced ones.  

As per the sources, Hootsuite Social Marketing certification enjoys a search volume of 3000 every month. Although Hootsuite might not be in the same league as that of Facebook or Google, this very certification definitely holds a place amongst the top existing ones meant for social media marketers. This is what the experts in this field state. 

With regard to the certification, it happens to cover all the core concepts related to Social Media Marketing. So, in order to own this certification, one needs to clear an online exam which comprises of a total of 60 questions. As a part of the preparation for this certification exam, Hootsuite recommends and suggests the aspirants go through the various free online courses created by them. 

This certification has got three different tiers available, and the certification does not expire.

Be a part of Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai such as those from Digital Trainee, to prepare for important certifications like these.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

With content being the king and ruling the digital world, content marketing has to be the spine of an impact making Digital Marketing strategy. That calls for a HubSpot content marketing certification both for your career and your organization too. 

Basically, this certification is of a three and a half hour duration. It covers various concepts related to content marketing strategies such as content ideation, content repurposing, storytelling, content creation framework, content analysis, and promotion. 

HubSpot content marketing certification comes free of cost.

This concludes the non-exhaustive list of in-demand certifications that will take your career places in the near future.

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