What shoes should a teacher wear?

Most of the times the teacher’s profession is a rather difficult type of job that has to do with constant walking in the class. The question about what shoes...

Most of the times the teacher’s profession is a rather difficult type of job that has to do with constant walking in the class. The question about what shoes should a teacher wear is multi -factor and cannot be answered in a simple line.
Some think of the teacher’s profession like a walk in the garden. This is definitely not the issue. Teachers across the world, are getting more and more involved with the daily activities of the students so that they are obliged to stand up and tutor the whole working day.
This standing up stature is often followed by excessive walking through the aisles of the classroom and the corridors of the school. That is why it is imperative for teachers to pay close attention to the type of shoes they are about to purchase.
As this type of shoes is going to be worn in a school environment it is a lot better to look serious and formal in order to give the good paradigm to the students. A teacher is a person that students should consider as their ideal man that is why his external appearance should be always taken care of.

The right shoes for teachers

Teachers across the world are constantly in need of high-quality shoes for teaching that are durable enough to sustain the classroom environment. First, the formal type of shoes that is a hybrid between the sneakers and the loafers are some of the best footwear that a teacher can wear in the classroom.
These shoes apart from being stylish, they are also extra cushioned in the sensitive parts of the heel and the foot curve. This is where most of the persons are feeling pain when standing up and the cushioning gives a smart solution placing protective areas where needed the most.
In addition, the insole has the special foamy structure that can easily take the shape of the teacher’s feet. This gives the teacher an incredible comfort feeling no matter how long is the distance he is covering all day in class.
Finally, these shoes have special lugs on the outsole to give more grip to the floor even when the latter has become slippery. The outsole keeps on being one of the most important parts of the shoes. It has to be durable enough so that the shoes are not influenced by the bad weather. The same time the outsole must be flexible to give the teacher extra movability to walk through the desks in classroom.

Which types of shoes should teachers avoid wearing?

In general, all types of modern shoes that have no covering layer on top are subject to be excluded from the teacher’s appearance. This category may include the sandals as well as the slippers that are the number one shoes worn in warm countries during the summer.
These shoes offer virtually no protection to the user. The heel area has no support and you cannot protect adequately your foot arch and the curve areas. Since there is no lacing system there is always the danger of the shoes leaving your feet should you need to walk in a faster pace.
Not to mention, that these shoes are not influencing any sense of respect to the students. Teachers with low esteem among the students are mostly like to fail in students’ accreditations and evaluations. A non-respected teacher cannot tutor his students and there is no chance he can perform his work properly.

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Shoes are the most important part of a teacher’s appearance. Most of the students are paying extra attention to what their teacher wears on when in classroom. That is why teachers should be prepared to wear serious kind of shoes that are also safe for classroom use.
This kind of shoes is giving them time to think about their tutoring program without having distractions in their mind. Their feet integrity is also ensured by the protective layers of the shoes and the prominent outsoles.
If you are a teacher, you must make sure about the right size of your shoes as well as their ability not to distract the attention of the student from the lesson. Give yourself the best and you will get it all back!

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