What to do if you or someone else may be having a heart attack

A heart attack generally causes pain in the chest, but it can also give the severe hand, neck, and head pain jaw pain is also the sign. Well, the...

A heart attack generally causes pain in the chest, but it can also give the severe hand, neck, and head pain jaw pain is also the sign. Well, the heart attack doesn’t provide much of the sign or doesn’t have any discomfort other than this area, but you can always have some warning week, day or hours before. 

Someone having a heart attack may feel some of the following things mentioned above you can always observe these things to see and examine if that person is having a heart attack or not. Well, the heart patient if at home couldn’t be a gas situation when they are in severe pain so always look for these things :

Squeezing pain near the chest is the sign of the heart-attack. Uncomfortable pain and pressure through the hand to the chest.

Discomfort or pain near the jawline, chest and neck area with pressure and full of teeth and both arms.

The shortness of breath.

Dizziness, fainting, the pressure of the discomforts. 



Uncomfortable sweating through neck and shoulders.


Here are some of the many ways to see and help the patient if they are having a heart attack and rush to the doctors:

You can also take help from the very Famous doctor that can help you immediately and get heart disease treatment from Thomson he is the best in town.

You can call any local emergency depending upon the area you are living in.

If you don’t have access to the services, you can rush to the neighbor’s house or anyone that’s more close to you and ask them to call the emergency number for a close help and rush to the hospital to the hurry.

You can take aspirin as prescribed by the doctor :You can ask someone for aspirin and have it swallow it or chew anyone it’s helpful. Only take it if the doctor has ever prescribed you or ask to take it when you have a heart attack note these points down or tell these points to the closest friends and family because the patient can go unconscious and can forget things at that point, so it’s always helpful to note down the critical points.


Take nitroglycerin: This you can also take a swallow or chew only if the doctor has prescribed you, if not no need to make it as it is going to be given more danger than anything else only take if the doctor has asked you to consider when you feel the pain. 


Begin CPR: You can always opt for CPR ( cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if you are ever trained for it or ask the helpline emergency number they will guide you to do till they reach your place they can always help you in the time. 

You can also give the chest compression-only at 100 to 120 compressions. The helper can teach them till they come to you for any help. 


Use AED: You can also use Automated external defibrillators if that is available the device has written the usage method you can easily use and do the process as directed.

You can also buy this if you any heart patient at home or family for a precarious situation.

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