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5 Ways to Clean Up Cable Clog Under Your Desk

5 Ways to Clean Up Cable Clog Under Your Desk:  Cable clutter is the scourge of modern desk construction. We’re trying to go wireless as much as we can, but we still have plenty of cords snaking through our desks. Let’s get them together and organize them once and for all.

Computer cable clutter is of course more for a desktop computer than a laptop. That being said, a laptop can even have quite a few cables: a power cord, a USB hub for additional ports, etc. And then there is your phone charger, and other odds and ends.

Five measures to tackle the problem:

  1. Power Plugs and Power Strips Should be Hidden

A power strips is intended to be practical, not to look good. Yes, you should use a power surge protection but the resulting cable mess is just adding the pain in the eye. That is the first place to start handling your cable clutter.


For this the easiest solution is to create a DIY box out of a shoebox for the power strip. This video has step-by-step instructions for making one that looks good.

Mini cable-box and cable-box

You can even take one off the rack, instead of making your own.

Depending on your surge protector size, I would recommend the

BlueLounge Cablebox ($30) or the Cablebox Mini ($30).

  1. Gather and tie cables together


Let’s deal with the plethora of loose cords lying around now that the power strip is out of the way. Next, recognize the cords which will remain there indefinitely or for a long time to come. Gather them together and bind them together. There are 2 options for these ZIP ties and Cable Sleeves.

  1. Hold cable length shorter

The under-the-desk mess of cables is now covered with the power strip box and the cable sleeves or zip ties. But the cables that sit on the desk remains a problem. There you need them but you don’t need them to take up so much space. The solution to this is to temporarily shorten their length. There are so many tools you can use to shortens your cable or wires and you can find it online. Just as Google.

  1. Hold Unused Cables on the spot

There are plenty of cables you need on and off but not always. For example, your phone or tablet charger may not always be plugged in. And so it lies on the desk, becoming tangled with other wires, contributing to the clutter. The all-purpose mouldable Sugru silicone putty has plenty of geeky applications.You’ll have as many custom cord holders as you need, in a matter of hours.

  1. Identify the wires

So, you’ve organized all of your cables neatly. But while you get rid of the mess, this bunching up has lost the ability to identify easily which cable is doing what. Don’t worry, the hacks are easy to recall. You can use any tapes like duct tape and label each of them and your good to go.

You can also visit here for more additional tools or furniture that you will need in terms of better management of your device. You may need a document holder to add better organizing  your desk.

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