Animation in Advertisements – a Trending affair

The animation is a motivational and powerful tool, whether it is being utilized for selling more bread-butter, being converted in cash at the movie theatres and winning Grammy Awards,...

The animation is a motivational and powerful tool, whether it is being utilized for selling more bread-butter, being converted in cash at the movie theatres and winning Grammy Awards, or getting billions of people to know about a global crisis that goes unnoticed.

Animations are often more effective than speaking directly with a sales representative, so get your product promotion videos into the hands of prospects for shorter conversion timelines. Animated marketing videos are catching large attraction, especially children. The animation is of various types:

  1. Traditional Animation: 2-D or we may say hand drawings, which forms the basics of animation. Any project of animation starts from scratch. Basic characters are drawn on paper sheets. Details are given importance.
  2. Vector-Based Animation: Another 2-dimensional option is a vector-based animation were two dimensional animated images are crafted or edited in a computer using two-dimensional graphics bitmapped images and two dimensional animated vectored graphed images. This also has an automated version of classical techniques of animation, frames –repetition, rot scoping

3-D Animation: An animator is the one who manipulates and digitally display graphics or drawings. He generally begins with a three-dimensional figure to mesh.  Some of the basic principles of animation are to be stated here:

  1. Stretch-squash: – An object is shown stretched like it is carrying some weight and is compressible like human muscles do and so our face is able to make expressions. If this movement is done more than a certain degree than it shows a comical effect. But in reality, as we know the volume of anything cannot be changed.
  2. Staging: – As we refer to theatre-stage. Its existence is due to the reason that the attention of the viewer is to be grabbing and make clear about the scene. Johnston and Thomas defined it as “the presentation of an idea so that it is completely and unmistakably clears”.
  3. Anticipation: – This process means to make the audience ready for some action to happen in front of them. Just like a cricketer makes his bat a slight back first and makes himself ready. The same technique is used in cinematography like a character has to go off the camera a bit, to prepare the viewers about the arrival of a new character.

A simple way to do it is here explained as:

-Firstly write a short script for a video, as builder prepares building outlet, an animation video similarly require a structured script for its execution. So, as a writer, one must plan out as to what should stay in the main script, and what is to be excluded.

-Secondly, have a clear message one wants to deliver through the story.

-Storyboarding is the second most important thing for directing your movie as to which path to follow. Online storyboarding tools are available at cheap rates and even free of cost software’s are also there.

-Choose an appropriate style for animating video. As discussed above.

-Hire an experienced team

-Picture your story.

This process of advertisement can be a costly affair but surely be able to cover a huge portion of the target audience. It involves various types of cost from hiring a professional to find an appropriate channel of advertisement. Video Animation Service is being offered by many agencies and surely one may opt for that, it will cover all things starting from storyboarding to cinematography.

So, pondering over the topic, it can be concluded that animated videos are surely a better way of showcasing the product or service in the market, but still involve a large amount of hidden cost which pays off itself.

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