Basically, cyber Monday and Black Friday are sales day in Singapore where people can buy things in fewer prices or maybe free of cost. What is black Friday? and...

Basically, cyber Monday and Black Friday are sales day in Singapore where people can buy things in fewer prices or maybe free of cost.

What is black Friday? and why do southeast people especially Singaporean celebrate it? Black Friday is the informal name for Friday. One suggestion is that Black Friday describes how shops turned their balance sheet from red to black, which describes turning losses into profit. Black Friday has become increasingly popular with distributors and customers in Singapore. More local shops-both online and physical retailers are involved in sales, and customers are also looking to discover deals both locally and abroad.


More global traders are engaged in Black Friday sales, although there is an increase in the amount of local and regional players on board. Consumer shopping basket sizes for global traders tend to be larger, as shoppers will consolidate products into a single shipment before shipping from abroad, according to Shop Back.

So, in essence, the basic difference between black Friday and Cyber Monday is that Black Friday has always been a day for in-store shopping, and Cyber Monday is effectively a day for online shopping. Both of these days have now been merged, and you can make nice deals both online and in shops that sometimes start weeks ahead of Black Friday.


So, here are some tips for online shopping in Singapore regarding cyber Monday and Black Friday. Here we tend to go:

  •         Online window shopping
  •         Set a budget
  •         Search for websites
  •         Use a laptop instead of Use mobile applications
  •         Look for shopping malls



Online window shopping early: Remember the time difference between Singapore and the USA. In particular, you want to be prepared to shop early then Singapore time is nice, as it would be early morning in America.This is most essential for high-demand products, such as electronic gadgets, video games, or designer apparel. For other products, you can generally count on suppliers to have enough supply.


Set a budget: Remember not to go insane, particularly if you’re using a credit card that can reach up to four times your monthly revenue. Keep track of how much you spend, or even consider imposing a lower credit ceiling so you don’t spend too much. Remember, you’re not really going to save cash if you end up repaying credit card debt. Don’t waste more than you can pay in one go.


Use a laptop instead of using mobile applications: It’s difficult to maintain track of the different locations on your phone, and browser extensions may not work as well on your mobile phone. On top of that, some shopping sites just aren’t optimized for mobile you might discover it difficult to navigate to products or to apply discount coupons on the day of sale. There’s also a possibility that your app or browser extension might lead you to a fresh site where you need to register to get promo codes or a shop. We probably don’t need to tell you how awkward it is to type a fresh username, password, and numerous long-winded information on your mobile screen. Novita eStore is here to help you with all things. 


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