Difference between NIC-SALT and E-liquid?

The use of Electronic Cigarettes is increasing. Every day hundreds of people are switching from regular smoking to vaping. In my point of view, there are three big reasons...

The use of Electronic Cigarettes is increasing. Every day hundreds of people are switching from regular smoking to vaping. In my point of view, there are three big reasons for this shift towards vaping. I am listing these three below.

  • Electronic Cigarettes are less harmful to health.
  • E juices (Nic Salt e-juices) don’t have cancer creating ingredients.
  • Vaping is one of the best ways to quit smoking.

The above three points are the reason why people are quitting regular cigarettes. Two kinds of juices are used in vaping. The NIC SALTS and E- Liquids. Let’s explore what is the basic difference between them. And which E juice is better to use.

What are Nicotine Salts?

The most important thing before using Nic Salt e- juice is to understand what Nicotine salts are and how they can affect your body. ,Nicotine salts commonly known as Nic Salts e liquids are the kind of nicotine that is naturally derived from nicotine leaf. It is being used in e juices to give the natural nicotine to smokers who want to quit smoking. Nicotine Salt or nic salt e liquids are less harsh and they don’t hit the throat like other e-juices.

Remember that Nicotine salts are not for everyone. Some specific people can use these e liquids while vaping. But there is no harm in knowing how Nicotine salts are different from regular E Liquids.

Let’s compare Nicotine Salts with E-Liquids below.

Nicotine Salts VS E- Liquids:

The main difference between nic salts e liquids and freebase e-liquid is how it’s affecting your vapor experience. The first difference that you will notice is nic salts doesn’t have a harsh hit on your throat as compared to freebase e liquids. It is like the more is the concentration of nicotine, the higher will be throat hit.

The second most important difference is your body reaction towards Nicotine salts and freebase E liquids. Nic salt e-liquid are absorbed by the body quickly and in a more effective way. The reason is the presence of benzoic acid that makes the process of absorption smooth and easy. On the other hand, freebase e-liquids take longer in getting absorbed by the human body.

The third difference is Freebase e liquids have a higher level of pH that can affect alkalinity. On the other hand, nicotine salts have less level of pH that’s why it is smoother.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nic Salts E-liquids.

The following are the positive and negative points of using Nicotine salts. Let’s have a look at them.


  • They give less throat hit and more smooth experience.
  • It is more satisfying for the newbies as they have more nicotine in it. That helps to satisfy the nicotine craving in a better way.
  • It has a better taste and variety of flavors.
  • It is more cost-effective.
  • It is revotionalized by the Technology and it is another tech gift for us.


  • Nicotine salts are only used in specific devices. ( Pods with less output)
  • Nic salt doesn’t give you as much fun as a regular vaping could.

Final Words:

In short Nic Salt e-liquids are the best options for people who want to quit smoking. But always remember it is not for everyone. If you are among the people who love big vapor clouds, I am suggesting you use regular e liquids instead of nic-salts. Or use the pods with lesser output. Otherwise, it can have adverse effects.

I hope these articles will help you in finding out the best Nic salts and regular E juices. You can also find a wide range of Nicotine salts and E- juices on NextDay Vapes.  

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