[FOLLOW QUICK] How to Fix Error Code: i2501 on FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV is a very common game that includes a massive user base that enjoys its gameplay. But quite recently, we’ve been getting lots of requests to tackle...
Final Fantasy XIV?

Final Fantasy XIV is a very common game that includes a massive user base that enjoys its gameplay. But quite recently, we’ve been getting lots of requests to tackle the Error Code: i2501 fix, which pops up on the monitor whilst playing or launching with the match. Within the following piece, we’ve compiled the grounds which may activate this matter and also have recorded the repairs, solutions, and also workarounds to overcome them.


The Causes of the Error Code: i2501 on Final Fantasy XIV?

After studying, This particular matter, we reasoned that these are a few of the very obvious reasons behind the phenomenon of this situation.

Decision VPN: in some instances, if you’re working with a VPN or some Proxy Connection on your personal computer, you may strike the Error Code: i2501 in your Closing Fantasy XIV instalment since the bond may be hailed as questionable by the Closing Fantasy Servers.

Cache and Upgrades: Still another reason supporting the occurrence of This issue may be the clear presence of faulty/corrupted cache or cookies, which could be why your connection has been obstructed with the servers. For that reason, be certain that you clean them out as previously mentioned below from this report to do away with this Error Code: i2501 message on FFXIV.

Adblocker: Occasionally, you may use an Ad-blocker application on your pc, which may be preventing the text from being recognized precisely by obstructing any facets of their host connection. Because of this, it’s encouraged to show any off such extensions until you move towards executing such activities.

Extensions/Cookies: it’s also likely that a third party Extension installed onto your desktop may be interfering or intercepting the connection venturing from the FFXIV servers thanks to the Error Code: i2501 has been compromised. Because of this, it’s encouraged to employ your browser incognito style and assess whether the match works.

Now you are Knowledgeable about the majority of the causes for this issue, and we can proceed towards executing the repairs.


Summary Table: How to fix Error i2501 on FFXIV 

Issue Cause Fix


FFXIV Error i2501

VPN or Proxy Disable Proxy or Change VPN region
Corrupted Cookies and Cache Clear all Cookies and Cache
Ad-Blocker Turn off or uninstall
Third-party extensions Use browser in Incognito Mode


Turn-Off VPN or Proxy

[FOLLOW QUICK] How to Fix Error Code: i2501 on FFXIV

Employing a VPN or even some Proxy provides Additional layers of security, functionality, or solitude. But certain service providers, notably banks associations, deny private relations asking full accessibility into this Web for transparency factors.

Turn off VPN or Proxy


  1. Press Windows + I to open Windows settings.
  2. Go to the “Network & Internet” option and open it.
  3. Select VPN.
  4. Turn off the VPN.


  1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Windows settings.
  2. Go to the “Network & Internet” option and open it.
  3. Click on the Proxy.
  4. Now, go to “Use a proxy server” and turn it off.


Ready Around for 24 Hours

[FOLLOW QUICK] How to Fix Error Code: i2501 on FFXIV

If the above solutions do not work, you need to wait to get a least twenty-four hours. Square Enix has an anti-fool system that rejects all obligations made from the card when it’s been refused a lot more than two times by the computer system.

For those who have attempted to double, then the 24-hours can rise to days to 1 month.

After waiting for 24 hours, try making the payment with various open online connections with no proxies or VPN’s whatsoever. Hopefully, the matter will probably likely soon be solved.


Contacting Support 

If none of the treatments operates, you should create a ticket To encourage and obtain the problem solved by them.

There are always certainly a whole good deal of parameters required when building a payment with this particular platform. Of course, should someone of them come in battle, you may be refused and refused access.


Official Support Using Square Enix

[FOLLOW QUICK] How to Fix Error Code: i2501 on FFXIV

See Into the official service internet site of square-Enix and produce a ticket. Your ticket must comprise of the following facts:

  • Precise error code
  • Item/service which You’re trying to Buy on the internet
  • Payment strategy That You are attempting to utilize
  • Square Enix ID of your accounts
  • Style of charge card utilized
  • Country in which you’re situated
  • Country at which the card was issued
  • Name of this card issuing bank
  • Quantity of times your repayment has been reversed.


Pay Through Mobile Device

Still, another Solution to eliminate the error code:i2501 is to cover for throughout the browser onto your mobile unit.

The success rate isn’t high. However, it’s well worth a go.


Turn-off Adblockers

Even though Advertising blockers ordinarily don’t hinder payment systems.

It has demonstrated that turning the adblocking expansion and waiting for only a few hours, and seeking to create the next payment may repair the error code i2501.


Turn-on Incognito Mode at Firefox

In case You experience the matter on Google Chrome, you should look at an alternative browser Firefox. It’s possible to put it on Incognito Mode. The measures are as follows:

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome, And click on the three dashes icon at the upper-right corner of the Google Chrome.

Step 2: Choose the New Private Window alternative from the listing to trigger Incognito style in FGoogle Chrome.

Step 3: You might even press Ctrl + Shift + Voice Incognito style shortcut on Windows to show private browsing in Firefox.

Subsequently, Check whether the error code is now gone.


Remove Browser Cache and Cookies

Google Chrome,

When too much information on search history and registry entries have Been saved on your application, it will make it malfunction.

This Extra data is Fantastic for quick accessibility to frequented Websites. Nonetheless, it’s also more likely to corrupt.

To clean your system out of the bag, click on the CTRL+H keys at the same time to start the Browser heritage.

The From the Left Sidebar, Click Clear Browsing Background. 

Subsequently, Place the time scope to “all-time” and concur that the boxes adjacent to “browsing history”, “cached files and images”, and “cookies and other blog data” have been assessed.

Last, click “Clear info” to Erase all of the information and solve Error i2501.

Step 1: Press Ctrl+H on Your computer keyboard to bring the Background page and choose Clear browsing Info in the left sidebar.

Step 2: Establish the Time array to “all-time “, check all of the boxes adjacent to browsing history, Cookies, and different site data along with Cached files and images.

Step 3: Reach the Clear Data button and check whether the error code: i2501 was resolved.


Work with a Smartphone to Procedure Payment

Earning payment throughout the Square Enix website is simpler done a Notebook or PC. Moving it to an own mobile might be somewhat debatable; however, the outcome is often positive.

Many game players have verified that attempting to get payment through Their smartphone has turned out to be prosperous.


Making payments on the Web Demands transparent and secure Connections. Consequently, if your connection is hidden behind an individual system and is filled using corrupted or old information, you’ll have to alter the preferences and transparently the shop.

All these are the only options for repairing malfunction 12501 on the Final Fantasy XIV game.



Do I buy Final Fantasy XIV at No Cost?

Yes, around par 3-5. But, You have to have subscribed to the station and get to the trial version to try it out a few time.

Square-Enix Servers Usually do not Work within my Region. How to proceed?

If your VPN is empowered, Switch it into some other place and take it to the trade. Instead, Make Work with a third-party platform such as Steam Pay services to create the payment.

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