Get These 10 Tools To Customize Your Website-Perfect For Those Not Having Coding Knowledge

Are you thinking of launching a website but have zero coding knowledge? There is really no reason to fret if you have access to some user-friendly tools that are...
10 Tools To Customize Your Website-Perfect For Those Not Having Coding Knowledge

Are you thinking of launching a website but have zero coding knowledge? There is really no reason to fret if you have access to some user-friendly tools that are known to be most useful when you wish to create a website. Whether it is a blog or website, getting things started need not be challenging with some of these website-builder tools:

  1. Shopify: This tool is by far the best platform you can have to create a website. This specialized e-commerce software has been designed specifically to enable site-building. You can design any type of an online store, whether you are running a small business or launching a feature-rich store having top-of-the-line functionalities, a variety of shopping options, and high flexibility. No surprises then why Shopify is the undisputed leader in site-builder tools today, albeit slightly complex for a newbie. The site-builder has an advanced POS or Point of Sale software allowing the sale of products in an offline mode from your store. You can choose a wide range of responsive templates and design customization choices to get just the right look for your site. It also offers advanced code editing for experienced users to create a completely personalized design. Shopify can be integrated with many leading marketplaces and external platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, and various accounting software for boosting the store performance. Business owners can use Shopify to create online receipts, analyze sales information, control account balance, utilize options like App Store, Shopify Ping, BOGO discounts, etc for conducting their businesses efficiently. Being an e-commerce platform Shopify can be used for mobile marketing and there are plenty of such features for users. Shopify AR or Augmented Reality features can guarantee better customer engagement rates. Other store management features like access to buyer profiles, drop shipping options, fast order fulfillment and templates make Shopify much in demand.
  2. Carrd: This is a free site-builder tool that is simple but highly responsive and can be a great help to create a website. It can create one-page sites for almost any product you can think of and is known for its ease-of-use.
  3. Template Stash: This site-builder offers a variety of free site templates and each is known for user-friendliness, functionalities, and visual appeal. Users can search for what they want using filters like keywords, creator, and category.
  4. HTML to WordPress: This helps to change HTML sites to WordPress themes within seconds. So, it can automate tons of manual labor and you can get a premium-quality, fully-functional WordPress theme installed and running in record time.
  5. Bubble: This is a fully-functional tool helpful for creating web or mobile applications. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop builder for adding page elements such as texts or videos, images or maps. All features are highly customizable whether it is icons or font colors.
  6. Tilda Publishing: This is ideal for users having no coding knowledge but keen to create visually stunning sites. This caters largely to content sites and has more than 170 pre-designed blocks which may be dragged and dropped to build a customizable website. This tool is perfect for people building event reports, lookbooks, blogs, etc.
  7. XPRS: This product is meant for people who are bogged down with the thought of creating a site because they feel it is too complex and costly. It is free and offers many premium web designs, simple editing features, and reliable hosting. You can create a site using polydoms or smart content blocks that offer limitless customizations.
  8. Pivot: This tool offers real-time drag-and-drop building features and you can choose from more than 70 content blocks to enjoy high-end customizability. It is possible to build pages within minutes and handle images, text, maps, color schemes, etc from the browser itself. It is versatile and can be used for all kinds of purposes, whether a single product launch or building a personal portfolio site.
  9. OnePager: This is an open-source one-page builder meant for WordPress. You can edit anything on the page even on the fly. Using this tool you will be able to build a responsive SEO-friendly site in a short time; almost every feature is customizable and you can change the feel or look of the website according to your preferences.
  10. Webydo 2.0: This tool requires no coding expertise and can offer seamless designing features meant for professionals. Designers can use it to build responsive sites; while it has many competitors on the market, it excels in its designing features. It comes with an integrated B2B solution which helps in direct client billing; there is a well-designed dashboard for managing multiple clients, and a powerful CMS.
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