Healthy Halal Diet Plan – A useful guide

‘Halal’ means permissible. It is an Arabic term and some specific foods are not permissible in Islam. The Healthy halal food meal plan that Muslims can eat are termed as ‘Halal‘. The foods that a Muslim cannot eat include:

  •         Any sort of pig-based food that has some amount of gelatin in it
  •         Blood
  •         Animals are birds that are slaughtered not in the name of God
  •         Alcohol and all other intoxicants
  •         Amphibians including frogs and other similar species

When it comes to fishes, most Muslims eat all sorts of fish but a few of them avoid eating lobster, crabs, and shrimp, etc. Nowadays, the food that is manufactured in factories is labeled as halal for Muslims to eat it without any hassle.

If you are a Muslim and want to eat healthy without eating any food that is not termed as Halal in Islam, we’ve got you covered. Here is a Halal meal plan that you can follow to eat nutritious and healthy food on a daily routine. You should drink a lot of water with this meal plan to get the best health results.


Use some high fiber cereals like porridge, Weetabix, Shreddies, etc. in your breakfast and take skimmed milk about 200ml along with it. Take 200ml fresh fruit juice as well in your breakfasts. Use tea or coffee, as per your choice.


In the middle of breakfast and lunch, take a handful of mixed nuts, eat some fruit and have a drink as per your choice.


When lunchtime arrives, the first thing to take is fresh home-made vegetable soup. Take 2 slices of granary bread along with 2 chicken or beef slices. In addition to this, eat a mixed salad with 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds. Take some yogurt as well. Have a drink as per your choice.


In the middle of lunch and your evening meal, take 2 oatcakes along with a fruit item and a drink as per your choice.

Evening meal

In your evening meal eat a chicken breast or lean meat that may be tandoori cooked. This will prove beneficial for your health. You can eat Daal with basmati rice as well or just take pasta or Chappati. You can make couscous or quinoa and potatoes as well in your evening meals. In addition to one of the primary dishes, take loads of vegetables or a large plate of salad to get your health on the track.


Before going to sleep, make sure to eat 2-3 oatcakes along with low-fat soft cheese. Take a drink as per your choice.

Well, this is the halal meat plan that you can utilize to get healthy as well as enjoy a delicious meal each time you sit on the table when your stomach is grumbling. Make sure you eat when you are almost starving. In this way, you will eat the proper amount of food that your body needs to get healthy.

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