How Artificial intelligence is Changing Our Lives

Back in time, when people used to talk about Artificial Intelligence, it used to seem like some science-fiction dream. But since the last decade, we have witnessed an immense...

Back in time, when people used to talk about Artificial Intelligence, it used to seem like some science-fiction dream. But since the last decade, we have witnessed an immense evolution in AI that has been altering our lives with ease and comfort. Artificial Intelligence is based on machine learning, gradually from experiences. Different and useful patterns are found by the machine which ensures to ease our life with trained functions and algorithms.
From suggestions and predictions made from video streaming to our search engine, AI is making a positive impact on our lives, which was much needed. Be it the Siri or self-driving cars, and AI is just getting better. The better the AI has been developed, the better and time-saving it becomes for humans. It starts thinking in a pattern that even humans can’t. AI is considered to be constant, reliable and responsive. As the evolution of AI has been taking place since the last decade, we have noticed an immense influence of AI on humans, which is already changing our lives for better. Below are listed a few ways in which Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives:

1. Prediction of our choices

As AI has been developed to ease humans, the main feature that AI comforts us, is by predicting our choices. Whether it be the prediction of the next movie that we would want to watch the next song or the following article to read. As Michael Jackson Costume has a massive collection of cyberpunk 2077 jacket, AI dares to predict what apparel would interest you next. Be it our conversations on text messages, and AI predicts the next word for us which suits them best and corrects the spellings. The prediction of our next step has made it easier for us to move ahead.

2. Facial Recognition

The biometric solution for face recognition is one of the most secure ways that could be used for security. The face recognition on smartphones can eliminate theft or any misuse. AI can eradicate cybercrimes by being the most reliable source of validating online payment services, replacements or credit cards, and exchange of personal credentials. Other than security, face recognition is useful when you are about to click a picture, and the face is recognized to focus on a better result. While uploading a picture on social media, AI recognizes the face and predicts the person to tag ahead. Saving us time is what AI serves us with.

3. Self-driving cars

It is time that humans get rest from a hectic and busy routine. Well, AI is about to make it possible by introducing self-driven cars. The purpose of self-driven cars is to give humans a relaxed and soothing time by freeing them from driving among the crowd. As AI is evolving, we are promised to find freedom on the road. A productive and promising future stands ahead of with, indicating liberty for us and technology to take over.

4. Homework Helper

As AI is designed to ease our lives by predicting and generating steps for our tasks, AI can be a reliable yet excellent homework helper. Previously, a study states that an AI system was given a test on the math SAT to perform, and it scored as well as an average student of high school. AI systems are evolving since the past decade, and continuous enhancements are being made. AI systems can be our homework helpers in the future, which could ease the life of our parents from supervision. Students can take pictures of the homework questions and find instant answers to them.

5. Rule the stock market

As AI is based on machine learning, we can perform well in the stock market by initiating deep meaning algorithms into the machine. The predictions that the AI would make will be much more reliable than what a human can come up with. The stock market can be ruled by implementing AI systems in making predictions. The human ability can be taken over by AI for a successful go in the stock market. An experiment has already taken place, with the result of AI outperforming humans.

6. Dealing with dangerous acts

There are a ton of tasks and jobs that are considered to be hazardous. AI can totally take over the man-power when it comes to those jobs. It can be toxic jobs, bomb disposal jobs, dealing with chemicals, welding, and much more. AI machines can ease the danger for humans by their accurate decision making and prediction. It is time to let the AI take over such dangerous jobs so that humans can take prevention from a tough time. With no human supervision, and based on the algorithms and machine learning that the system is indulged with, AI systems can tend to perform well.
Thus, there are many ways in which Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives. All we have to do is create logical algorithms for the systems, and the rest will be done. The predictions and decision making that an AI can make are considered to be better than what humans come up with. We expect AI to evolve with the same rapid growth as it has been since the last decade, to ease and comfort humans. From economical to personal, AI has a positive impact on every aspect of our lives. AI has given us a sigh of relief.

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