How is Orange Juice Made

The rush of everyday life makes us increasingly choose foods that are easy to prepare and eat, without losing our nutrients. We always want a healthy diet with natural...

The rush of everyday life makes us increasingly choose foods that are easy to prepare and eat, without losing our nutrients. We always want a healthy diet with natural products in spite of our busy lifestyle. This is why natural juices have become a great option. With daily consumption of natural juices, our life gets healthier.

Especially, we think about the natural orange juice. It is possible to make with this fruit quick and easy recipes that guarantee important results, such as anti-inflammatory, digestive, soothing or stimulating actions.

Natural orange juice has a large number of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, unlike beverages like sodas or artificial juices that only have sugar. Let’s look at the advantages of natural orange juice:

Advantages of Natural Orange Juice

How is Orange Juice

One glass (240 ml) of orange juice contains approximately 140 calories, 114 mg vitamin C, 43 mg calcium and other nutrients, while the same amount of soda has 96 calories and only 4.8 mg calcium,

An effective way to lose weight in a natural way because it contains low calories, low fat and the ability to satisfy the body.

The natural juice is fresh and keeps virtually all nutrients present in the fruit.

What is Orange Juice for?

In addition to the high concentration of vitamin C, orange juice also contains other important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B vitamins and minerals (potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and calcium).

The natural orange juice prevents colds, flu and is also very indicated in the regularization of the intestine, due to a large amount of fiber it has. Ingestion of natural orange juice allows antioxidants, chemicals that help prevent or reduce free radical damage and help lower the incidence of degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, brain dysfunction.

That is why it is good to drink orange juice daily because the juice of this fruit has the ability to react against free radicals that restrict the harmful effects of the body, as well as slowing down aging.

How to Make Natural Orange Juice?

You can prepare your orange juice in three different ways, check it out:

Squeezing orange juice manually. Just soften, squeeze with your palms, cut in half and squeeze the juice,

Cut and slice the fruit in half and remove the seeds and squeeze by hand, using a hand or electric juicer to remove all the juice.

Remove the orange peel, leaving the white dough, remove the seeds, chop the fruit and beat in Vitamix 7500 blender or a good blender.

How to Consume Natural Orange Juice?

If you follow the recommendation of nutritionists and drink about 500 ml of juice a day, accompanied by a balanced diet, and lose weight, your body will always be clean.

Check it out then the orange juice will help you to

Clear the intestines,

Combat fluid retention, and

Detoxify the body.

Why does Orange Juice Get Fat?

In ancient Greece, the philosopher Socrates already taught that balance is a virtue.

The quotation of this Socratic maxim may be completely appropriate to our day in the case, for example, of food. Food is not fattening, what is fattening is excess, lack of control and the absence of a diet. We can eat everything, but with parsimony and balance.

This is the case with orange juice. In fact, orange juice does not get fat; by the way, it only brings benefits. What causes weight gain is excess.

It gets fat especially if the consumption of orange juice is accompanied by huge sandwiches and some goodies. Yes, there are no living organisms. Another thing is that orange juice intake should always be related to total calorie consumption. If the juice is within balanced eating, great, you have nothing to worry about.

4 Tips for Making a Flawless Orange Juice

It is well known that citrus peels bitter any juice, but how to prevent it? How to make a sweet and sugar-free orange juice? How to choose the ideal orange?

Discover 4 tips that will help you produce a tasty and bitter-free orange juice.

  1. Know-How to Choose

First of all, it is important to know how to choose well. Prefer the heavier oranges because they will have more juice. Make sure all sides are exactly alike, one cannot be harder or softer than the other, and the thinner and brighter the shell, the better.

  1. The Ideal Orange for Juice

Orange Pear is the darling of those who already make orange juice because the orange pear has a slightly sweet flavor that is easily found in distributors. Even it adapts in different climates and is smaller than the other types of oranges.

  1. Use Fresh Fruits

The quality and taste of orange juice are directly impacted by the freshness of the fruit, so always choose to buy from suppliers who have optimized shipping and delivery so that your establishment always has fresh fruits and unique flavor.

  1. Have the Right Equipment

Have the right equipment when making orange juice can be a determining factor in whether or not to bitter the juice. The manual orange squeezer can bitter the orange juice because it is not possible to control the force that is used to extract the juice. One can easily extract the juice with the white part of the orange if it forces the fruit to the end, and this will surely result in a bitter juice. The centrifuges have the function of beating any kind of fruit without removing the peel. In practice, throwing the orange with peel in the machine will result in the bitterness of hurting the chin.

The automatic orange juice extractor machine is the ideal equipment for this. With it, the force-placed for the extraction of the juice is always the same and the extraction does not reach the white fibers of the orange, besides having a vertical extraction system that leaves the peel far away from the juice.

With these 4 tips, we guarantee you will improve the quality and taste of the orange juice you produce.

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