In What Ways Can Plagiarism Checking Software Assist Writers?

No matter if you are creating an essay for your college, releasing an official notice, or posting any article for your business, checking the originality of your material is...

No matter if you are creating an essay for your college, releasing an official notice, or posting any article for your business, checking the originality of your material is equally significant in every case. As otherwise, the original owner of the content might accuse you of duplicating without permission and might take you to court. Similarly, uploading fresh articles on your blog sites also have immense importance if you don’t desire to get penalized from search engines.

On the other hand, confirming the ownership of someone else’s work is a crucial task, especially for teachers and employees. Hence, utilizing online tools like a plagiarism checker is a perfect choice for such persons. You can upload any review, article, paper, and book on this tool. Within no time, it will assist you in detecting similarities between your and other available content.

However, just like every product or service, online plagiarism checkers from different sites are not the same. Some may even disappoint or fail to provide you with correct or efficient results. In this post, we will talk regarding some tips to check plagiarism online so that you can be sure about the originality of your content smartly.

  • Check Against Various Sources

The results of a trustworthy plagiarism checker must be delivered after scanning through billions of sources available all over the internet. As compared to the percentage of originality, a detailed report with references to the sources is not provided by many tools. A reliable checker will offer you every detail, including the way to interpret the description or use the tool.

  • Multiple Input Methods

It isn’t necessary to copy-paste the text in these tools as they allow various input methods. If you have data stored either in Dropbox or Google Drive, you can click on the Cloud option and select the desired file. Another method for checking plagiarism is by entering the URL of your site or webpage in the specified field. You can also upload a file from the local storage of your device. The best anti-plagiarism software will allow you to upload any type of file formats, such as txt, doc, PDF, ODT, and RTF. 

  • Sharing and Downloading Reports

With the help of this feature of a plagiarism checker by, you can conveniently share the work’s originality with the employer, instructor, teacher, or any other interested person. You can also save the report to share it with any person in the future.

  • Supports All Languages

A helpful plagiarism checker allows its users to scan their documents not only in English but in many other languages. Some tools support languages like Italian, French, Chinese, German, etc. So, using them rather than converting your whole document into English will save time, effort, and chances of errors.

  • Compare Text on a Single Click

Some of the tools, as mentioned earlier, only provide the matched information in terms of percentage. This detail is of no use unless links are provided along with every similar data. Clicking and comparing the information with a plagiarism detector can help you eliminate the similarity in no time.

  • Ignore Particular URL

One of the main features of the best plagiarism checker is its capability to exclude a specific webpage or website while checking plagiarism from your text. You can use this function to check plagiarism from the content of your own website. For instance, by entering your site’s content and entering its URL, you’ll be notifying the tool to identify plagiarism from sources other than your site.

  • Sentence by Sentence Results 

Sentence based plagiarism check can assist you in interpreting the results quickly. As a result, you can edit your work without putting much effort. Hence, if you want to make sure your data is 100% original, then rewriting it sentence wise is a great choice.


These are some tips that you can keep in mind while scanning your documents with plagiarism detecting tools. You can find several tools for identifying plagiarism online, but you should choose the one that can serve you with several features in making your text 100% original. Both paid and free plagiarism checkers are accessible on the internet. Undoubtedly, the paid tools offer some extra features as well. However, if you wish to verify the uniqueness of your content without spending any cost, then you will need to try various tools until you find out the one having all the features cited above.

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