Laziness Got You Down? Try These Tools to Break the Cycle of Procrastination

Procrastination is a serious productivity killer and if you wish to get ahead in life, it is a habit you must break out of. Well, if you’re already here...
Laziness Got You Down? Try These Tools to Break the Cycle of Procrastination

Procrastination is a serious productivity killer and if you wish to get ahead in life, it is a habit you must break out of. Well, if you’re already here willing to begin the journey we’d say you’re halfway there. For the rest, we’d suggest you give these apps a shot. Designed to counter this very problem, you are sure to find them useful in your endeavor. So, let’s get to them.

Yelling Mom

Remember the good old days when your mom used to scream at you and within minutes you’d get the work done? It was a miracle, but it sure was an effective way to get you moving. Well, if you want a nagging mother around to remind you of your deadlines you’re in luck. This app aggressively reminds you of due dates using alerts, sirens and referee whistle. A must try for sure.

Zero Willpower

This app is a website blocker, exactly what you need to stay away from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that are known to drain hours from your life. You can set times to freeze yourself out from these sites. The freeze can range from a few minutes or hours, however long it takes to get your tasks complete. You can even add this to your desktop to stop yourself from browsing these unnecessary sites. Once you get this, we guarantee your productivity will soar through the roof.


You may have gotten your social media interaction under control, but it takes more than that to peel yourself away from your phone. One call and you’re distracted. It may not even be an important call, but it’ll ensure you lose your chain of thought. The constant beeping of messages coming in too is just as annoying. While you’re at it, you might want to get these under control as well.

Just download Offtime and you can disable all apps, calls, messages, you name it, with just one click. Just select the time period you want to stay of the grid and the app will do the rest.

Music is a wonderful gift from the heavens. It can soothe an aching heart, help you enjoy the good in life and help you get the work done in time. Once you find the right beat, your mind is sure to get in full productivity mood, ready to take on any challenge. uses this idea to get you to work. If you work in a distracting environment, then this is a must.

This app helps you drown the noise by offering you a slew of calming white noise to listen to. Think better in a coffee shop? Well, consider yourself teleported there. Like the sound of rushing water? Well, this app has got you covered every which way. Using Dynamic Attending Theory (DAT) this app helps you switch between focus mode, sleep and recharge mode and meditation mode with ease. So, go ahead and download it right away!

Simple Habit 

Anxiety really takes a toll on a person and combined with procrastination it is a recipe for disaster. As you keep thinking over how the task is to be done, and debate in your mind of how to go about it, hours will have passed without you having made any progress in that direction. With Simple Habit though, you’ll be able to exercise greater control over it. By meditating and clearing your thoughts, you can stop the cycle of procrastination. The apps helps you center yourself and calm down so go ahead and download it right away.


The perfect morning often time means the perfect day. Suffice to say then that some morning motivation goes a long way. Momentum encourages you to set a daily goal to ensure you start the day with intention. As you take control of your schedule you’ll start to feel better in no time. Traffic may get you down as can multiple other factors not under our control but as you begin enforcing your will on things you can control you’ll find life more manageable. This app also has a desktop version that motivates you throughout the day with motivational quotes and inspirational screen savers.


Have a ton of tabs cluttering your screen? Find yourself jumping from one tab to the other unwilling to close them for fear of missing something important? Well, if you had Toby this wouldn’t be a worry. This google extension reorganizes your browser by storing active tabs in a customized folder so you can focus on the one tab that really matters. Neat, right? It’s a handy tool to have to get work done.

Final Words

There you go, this should help you break the cycle of procrastination and get you on track to productivity. All you need is a high-speed internet connection like Spectrum silver package to get started. Their reliable connection if the one of the most affordable options out there. Just summon a little will power and you will be able to change your life. So go ahead and conquer the world.

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