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All Links are Available Below Scroll Down: If You Need Links for further. BOOKMARK this page in your smartphone or PC’s Lime Torrents: Limetorrent Download Movies | Limetorrents Proxy...

All Links are Available Below Scroll Down: If You Need Links for further. BOOKMARK this page in your smartphone or PC’s

Lime Torrents: Limetorrent Download Movies | Limetorrents Proxy Website: Torrents are websites from where we can download files from the server as requested by the client. The files from the torrent cannot be removed. There are different kinds of torrents like Lime torrents, Kickass torrent, pirate bay, extra torrent, torrents, and many others. The most famous of the torrent sites is the Pirate Bay. Lime torrent is a website from we can download movies, music, videos, games, and audios for free without signing up on its website. This site came into existence in 2009. As it shows pirated movies and pirated serials, the government has banned this site in India. But this site is mostly liked and used by the people of Europe, US, and Australia. This site is used by thousands of people all over the world.

Lime torrents keep on changing its URL time to time as ISP keeps on blocking its site so that the user can keep on accessing their site. Lime torrents operator has been sued by the lion gate due to leakage of the movies. Its site has been blocked in many countries like India, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Some of the lime torrent URL’s are,,, and many others.

Lime torrent is an illegal website because it is providing contents, movies, videos, and many others illegally without the permission of the owner. They are providing contents to the visitors free of cost. Thus causing the owner loss of money and waste of time. This site operator is making its own money through heavy advertising. Inspire of such restrictions Lime torrents have bagged the tenth position in the market.
This site is popular because

1) The site looks very good and has a green color interface. It is user-friendly. It has a different FAQ section. It gives the basic knowledge about technical terms like what is torrent. It also has a different section for questions and answers where the visitor can post their queries and the site administrator are quick in giving responses. After creating an account one can also message to the Lime torrents members. It has an easy interface and an excellent support system. Not only this, it has many proxy sites.

2) One can watch all types of movies on Lime torrents. It can be in any language like Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and other languages. It uploads all types of movies like Bollywood and Hollywood. Not only this, It gives good quality videos.

3) The visitor can give feedback and recommendations on its site. Not only this one can see the size of the file before being downloaded and being watched. The file can be either downloaded or scheduled to be downloaded on this website.
How to block lime torrents- The blockage of lime torrents dependents upon the decisions of the government. The government sees whether the lime torrents should be blocked or not. If it finalizes and blacklist the company and then it sends its decision to the ISP within the country ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. Now the Lime torrents website is blocked within the country and you won’t access its site.

Methods to unlock the blocked lime torrent

Lime Torrents : Limetorrent Download Movies | Limetorrents Proxy Website

Method1: Proxy/Mirror site

To download movies, voids, audio files from internet torrents are very necessary to download beforehand. So one of the torrent is lime torrent. Although this site has been banned in many countries around the world, yet people unblock it to download pirated contents from these sites as they are free. People open lime torrent through these Lime torrent proxy or mirror sites. Some of the proxy sites of the lime torrent are

Free Movies Downloading Website: TamilRockers New Link: Tamilrockers.bx

2nd Method to unlock Lime torrents is: VPN Method

Step1: Sign up the account with the VPN number (Virtual Private Network)
Step2: Now install Lime torrents.
Step3: Now connect to the servers of the country from where this site is legal like Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Mexico, and Germany. Next, in the web browser type Lime torrents and connect to the site. If not connected then
Again to your VPN number and then try to connect with other country’s server thus gaining the access to the Lime torrents website.
While Choosing a VPN number for lime torrent one should keep in mind the following things.
1) A VPN number should be that nobody can hack your personal data, log in or be share or look into your personal data. The VPN number should be such that it cannot be coded.
2) One should choose that VPN number that can be connected to one of the servers of Lime torrents around the world.

Alternatives of lime torrent site


1) Kickass torrent – This is the best alternative website of the lime torrent. It is the most famous website. One can get the file from this site within a few seconds, as this site is very powerful. Its search engine is very powerful. In short, it is called KAT. This site makes peer file to file sharing easy. This site was founded in 2008 and banned in 2016. The owner of this site was arrested in this year. This site has a good collection of contents. The best part is that there is no need to sign up before downloading the files and all the torrents in it are verified and virus free.

2) The Pirate bay- It is a good website. The Pirate bay is a stable website and has a huge collection of movies, serials, audios in its database. It is becoming a leading website nowadays. It was founded by the Swedish company in 2003. It is banned in India, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.

The URL for is

3) YTS- It is a well-organized site. Here one can get the latest collection of all the movies. It has a very good Graphical User Interface. One of the major drawbacks of this site is that these days its downloading speed is becoming very low leading the visitors to draw away from the site.

4) 1337x- This site is also a popular site and an alternative of limetorrents. This site was founded in 2007. From here one can download latest movies and files easily.

The URL for this is

5) Rarbg- This is a very famous website. One can download all the latest movies from this site. Its layout is very good. All the new releases are shown on this site within a few days of release. One can easily download novels and video from this site. This site was founded in the year 2008.
The URL for this is

6) Torrentz2- The early name of Torrentz2 is Similar to lime torrent this site is also blocked in many countries as it is illegal. Its homepage is very nice and simple. One can search the content from it through its search engine easily.
The URL of this site is https:/

7) IsoHunt- It is a clean and well-organized website. This site receives millions of clicks daily. IT has files relating to movies, videos, games, and many others.

8) Extra torrent- This is another alternative of Lime torrents. This site came into existence in 2006. It is a popular site and gained more popularity in 2006. It frequently changes its domain name. It is easy to access and has a big database.

Reviews about Lime torrent

1) It is a very good website as it provides high-quality videos and movies.
2) One can find all his favorite content on this site. This favorite content is totally free.
3) It has a wide variety of contents and a big database.
4) One can download the contents without any problem from the site.
5) As one does not have to sign or register on this site it saves the time of the visitor.
6) Its outlook is attractive.
7) The content which one downloads is safe as it is virus-free.
8) The site is very easy to use and user-friendly.
9) It has a great variety of search filters, so one can easily search for the information they want.
10) It has the biggest variety and collection of music.
11) It is a cool site having a wide variety of games.
12) This site does not contain too many advertisements. If there are advertisements they are not clustered.
13) The site is very much organized.
14) The site is very fast not leading to frustration to other people.
15) It is an updated site.
16) This site does not contain any virus, malware or any infection so that the data of the user is harmed.

Data of the people of different countries who have visited Lime torrents in June 2019

United States –14.05%
China- 13.95%
India- 6.55%
The United Kingdom 4.04%
Spain 3.60%
This data shows that most of the visitors of Lime torrents are from the United States and China occupies the 2nd position and India the third.

According to today’s time, these torrents have been divided into what they are good

1) The Pirate bay- This site is good overall.
2) Rarbg -This site is mainly good for best quality movies and high-resolution videos.
3)1337X – This site is good for getting updated information about torrents.
4) Lime torrent- This site is good for providing high-quality torrent.

Lime torrents layout is very impressive. It contains various categories like

  • Movie Torrents
  • TV shows torrents
  • Music torrents
  • Games Torrents
  • Application torrents
  • Anime Torrents
  • Other torrents
    It also has a search engine from which one can search their favorite contents like movies and videos.
    The latest news of 2018 about this site is that it is not easy to run as it has been banned by the government of India and they have now switched to a new domain name IT has also made a new layout. But due to adding blockers it is becoming difficult for the add popup to open.



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