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A magazine is a device to store and feed ammunition; it can be within the device or in detachable form. Magazines come in all shapes and sizes, from the...

A magazine is a device to store and feed ammunition; it can be within the device or in detachable form. Magazines come in all shapes and sizes, from the one for a revolver to one for a rifle. Every magazine is designed in such a way to hold the rounds as per requirement, a magazine for a revolver can hold up to 6 rounds at a time while that for an automatic or machine gun (drum magazine) can hold 100 rounds at a time.

Terms related to speed loader

Nowadays, the use of automatic and machine guns is increasing like anything. With this increase, detachable magazines are more common in use. A magazine strip is often informally known as a clip. The firearm experts settled for the term “magazine” after the adoption of pistol M1911 by the military. However, a magazine is different from a clip. A magazine is a four-parts device that is movable and is more complex than a clip whereas a clip has no moving parts and it is made of a continuous strip of stamped metal.

Earlier, when these devices to make reloading an easy task was not there gun reloading was a time-consuming procedure that required gun barrels. Gun barrels are a significant part of gun-type ranged weapons such as artillery pieces, air guns and small firearms. This straight-shooting tube is usually made of rigid metal with high-strength. Certain magazines can hold more than a standard number of rounds at a time, these magazines are known as high-capacity magazines. The judiciary of different states decides this standard number. For legal purposes, often a magazine holding more than five rounds is considered high-capacity.

Magazine Loaders

Without a magazine loader, loading a gun shooting multiple rounds can be a hectic task leading to sore arms of the pulling the cartridge out. Magazine loader does this for you, making it easy to load your ammunition with little efforts and no pain in fingers, maintaining the joy of your shooting day. A 223 magazine loader has a good strength to pull the cartridge for you. Some of the best magazine loaders are mentioned below.

Overall best: Maglula UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader is a product of maglula ltd. Is the simplest and of high-grade quality. It speeds up the loading process and fits in every 9mm pistol.

Other good options:

Reading a product of RAE industries simplifies and speeds up the loading process. It fits in a variety of pistols and is among the most affordable available speed loaders.

38/357 Shot speed loader by speed beez is also a good option to buy if you’re in a hurry. The quality of this product is good; the only drawback is the weight of the device.

Pistol magazine loader 1911 type Mag speed loader by American club is making loading magazines so easy and quick task. It is one of those magazine speed loaders that are one purchase for all pistol types. These are known as universal magazine loaders.

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