Yoga Inversion Swing – First Week Workout

I am a 61 year old woman that has barely exercised in the past decade, but wants to lose weight, reshape my entire body quickly and get healthy –...

I am a 61 year old woman that has barely exercised in the past decade, but wants to lose weight, reshape my entire body quickly and get healthy – mind, body and spirit. I wish to help others to duplicate my success.

I have chosen power walking short distances before each meal to get my metabolism working again (suggestion from my son which I have now proven to actually work) three times per day, Yoga Inversion along with good nutrition. I have found that I will do all three of these things on my journey. I do these on a daily basis and I actually look forward to doing them. I have found that the key to success is to find the things that will work for you and to do those things on a consistent basis.

I have bought machines that all sit around collecting dust and taking up space. What do all these machines have in common? They only do a few things. They may say they work the entire body, but do they do inversion? No, they do not. Even regular Yoga does not do gravity free inversion. Headstands are not the same as non-gravity inversion. Yoga Inversion has no gravity, so therefore you are hanging upside down, pulling your vertebrae apart. And believe me, everyone will find the need to invert at some point in their lives, unless they have a health problem which prevents them from doing so.

Yoga Inversion exercises are done knowing no boundaries. You will use and move muscles in a way that you would never have moved or used them before.

You don’t need a lot of things, just a few things that will work and will do the work of all those machines that don’t do inversion, don’t work and you no longer use.

Here is my story of starting Yoga Inversion, which does all of the work of all the other machines and you don’t have to move a lot to get the results!

After putting my inversion stand together and hanging my swing, I began to get acquainted to my Yoga Swing.

This is my actual first time experience:

  • – I stood in the ring of my round yoga swing stand and opened up the swing and laid down in the swing facing down.
  • – I opened up the padded swing so that it was close to my hip joint and the top section just under my chest.
  • – I bent at the waist and put my hands on the carpeted floor below me.
  • – With my legs together I brought them up a little higher than my hips, feeling the pull in my back, abs and hips.
  • – I began duplicating the action slowly raising and lowering my legs up and down for a few times until I felt I had worked my back, hip and ab muscles sufficiently.
  • – I got on my knees and with the swing chair behind me, I wrapped my arms around the swing so that I was hanging from my underarms.
  • – At the same time I spread my legs apart doing a semi split with my legs touching partly on the floor. This gave me a very good stretch through my thighs.
  • – After I felt the stretch for a while, I sat on the swing, spread my legs apart, keeping my feet close together, bent backwards, wrapped my legs around the sides of the swing and went into a complete inversion.

This inversion felt very similar to the traction I used to get at the Chiropractors office, only better. When getting traction lying down on a board, they use weights that they crank to put weight on the belt for your hips, but the weights would keep slipping. This cut down on the pull significantly. When you are using your weight instead of physical weights upside down, there is a big difference.

  • – Next, I opened my ankles, held onto the sides of the swing and dropped my legs down out of the inversion.
  • – I laid down on the floor and put a small pillow under my neck. I then put both legs over the swing, pulling my body slightly off the floor. I put both arms down beside my body to steady myself. I twisted myself from side to side to work my waist.
  • – White still lying down, I then took both leg holders in each hand and pulled myself up, working my abs and my arms which were holding my weight.

After that, I was sweating significantly. I laid back on the floor and rested a couple of minutes before getting up. This completed my fifteen minute first workout on my new Yoga Inversion Swing.

This is my personal experience starting to use my Yoga Inversion Swing the first week. Your experience could be different, depending on what exercises you feel comfortable doing to start out with.

I do this before taking my bath and going to bed. It relaxes me and and helps me de-stress from my day so I can sleep well at night. I did this routine all week and will change it as I get stronger and learn more exercises to experiment with on my swing. Look for my second week workout instruction on my new Yoga Inversion Swing coming soon.

I hope this article which is telling you of my first week on my Yoga Inversion Swing was helpful in your journey to good health. Shortly, I will post a picture of myself on my Yoga Inversion Swing. I will also post my starting weight and measurements. Throughout the weeks and months ahead you will actually see and read about the progress I am making and you will realize how you can duplicate the results for yourself!

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